Monday, January 5, 2009

2009-Turning Outward

Happy New Year!
I don't make New Years Resolutions. I don't like them. However, a couple of years ago as 2007 rolled around, I decided to make a random list of 52 things I would do that year. They ranged anywhere from, "Defrosting my freezer" to "Making a meal with fish" to "Cleaning all my blinds in one day." They were VERY random. I actually forgot about the list half way through the year, but when I found it the next year, I was pleased to find I had done almost 80% of what I had originally written.
So, a new year has rolled around. This year, I have changed my list a little and made a random list of things I would do to be more spiritual and thoughtful of others, and turn some of my focus outside of what just I want to do/accomplish. Here is my list.

Some Random Things I will do in 2009

(In no particular order and with no definite date.)

Send a funny card to a friend

Surprise someone with a meal

Write a note of thanks for something that may usually go unnoticed.

Write a letter to each child and put in their baby books

Make a phone call to someone I haven’t spoken to in over a year

Spend an afternoon doing only what the children want

Deliver warm homemade rolls to someone

One full day during which my voice isn’t raised

One month where I read my scriptures EVERY DAY of it.

Take a friend to lunch

A day with no negative comment

Offer to baby-sit somebody’s kids for a couple of hours

With my children, weed somebody’s yard

Double my fast offering one month

Read the whole Doctrine & Covenants

On MY birthday, send flowers to my mom.

Iron a shirt for Mike for at least 20 minutes

Treat a friend to a pedicure

Visit the family history library

Take the kids to This Is The Place Heritage Park

Do a session at the Logan temple

Read a book by a General Authority

Have a month where I write in my personal journal 6 times

Treat Megan to a pedicure

Bear my testimony in Sacrament Meeting

Send somebody a bouquet of flowers

Invite a family over I would rather not

Allow Luke to be the boss for one day

Allow Ellie to be the boss for one day

Take an over-nighter with Mike (before the baby is born)

Help my children tie a quilt and give it away

Make a delicious dessert and give it all away

Take my children to a nursing home

Write a letter/e-mail to an old friend from England

Complete my sister-in-laws wedding album

Make a homemade gift and give to someone out of the blue

Take my older 2 children to the LDS Humanitarian Center

Invite a family over for Family Home Evening

Do something kind for the garbage man

Which one would you like to be the recipient of... I am very open to suggestions...


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