Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12th. . .

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday Nana and Happy Half Birthday Megan.

Poor Megan doesn't benefit from the half birthday tradition like her siblings do. Her half birthdays are always overshadowed by Nana's birthday and with this year being Easter-I told Megan, Easter takes precedence! We did manage to sing half of Happy Birthday to her and she blew out half a candle!
But, for the record, Megan is officially 10 1/2 years old!!!!!

The Easter Bunny came and delivered candy, flip-flops and such.

Nana is in charge of coloring the Easter Eggs the night before Easter. For some strange reason, she enjoys it! I don't!
It works out quite nicely.

Happy 57th Birthday Nana/Mom!
We Love You!
We celebrated by having a Easter Hunt/Birthday celebration at her house. She hosted her own party as I wasn't kind enough to host a party 2 weeks post-partum!


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