Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview With Ellie

Through the eyes of an
almost 5 year old...
(Questions regarding mom are in red, Dad's are in blue.)

What is something Mom/Dad always says to you?
"Make my bed."

What makes Mom/Dad happy?
"When you clean my room"
"That everything is all clean"

What makes Mom/Dad sad?
"You want a baby boy."
"Us cleaning up the rooms"

How does Mom/Dad make you laugh?
"Makes myself popcorn"
"That he does funny somersaults to me."

What was your Mom/Dad like as a child?
"Played baby dolls"
"He was a toy kitchen"

How old is Mom/Dad?
"I don't know, 52?"

How tall is Mom/Dad?
"84 inches"
"85 pounds"

What is Mom/Dad's favorite thing to do?
"Go to church"
"Take our whole box of candy to work"

What does your Mom/Dad do when you aren't around?
"Go to Arctic Circle and get lunch"
"Comes home and takes all my candy"

If Mom/Dad became famous why would they?
"Because you're a news person"
"Being on tv so much"

What is Mom/Dad good at?
"Winning at games"
"Playing games with Megan"

What is Mom/Dad not very good at?
"Going down slides at the park"
"Not winning on games"

What does Mom/Dad do for a job?
"Takes care of babies"
"Gets in a excavator"

What is Mom/Dad's favorite food?

What makes you proud of Mom/Dad?
"Plays games so much"
"That he does somersaults"

What do you and Mom/Dad do together?
"Play games"
"Scratch his back when he tells me to"

How are you and Mom/Dad the same?
"Because we're getting big"
"We love each other"

How are you and Mom/Dad different?
"We don't have the same clothes"
"Sometimes we kiss each other, sometimes we don't"

How do you know Mom/Dad loves you?
"Because we love people"
"Because he kisses me"

How do you know that Mom loves Dad?
"Because you kiss each other"

How do you know that Dad loves Mom?
"Because you kiss each other SO MUCH"

What does Dad like most about Mom?
"You go to the store and buy stuff for him"

What does Mom like most about Dad?
"You both take care of Drew at the store"

Where is your Mom/Dad's favorite place to go?

Please don't believe EVERYTHING she says...


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