Friday, April 24, 2009

Twelve Years Ago Today . . .

Mike and I were married!
Twelve years! Five kids! Wow! The time has flown by.

A few highlights of our wedding day.
April 24, 1997

Waking up to snow (I hate the snow), and yelling from my bed,
"I'm not getting married today."
My parents went outside and built a snowbride and snowgroom, and needless to say, I did get married that day! (When I called Mike to cry about the snow, he said the sun was shining in American Fork, where we were getting married.) In our photos, the sun is shining and the bulbs were blooming and you wouldn't know it had snowed on MY wedding day if it weren't for the photos of me standing next to the snowbride and snowgroom trying not to cry!

Being super embarrassed to make eye contact with Mike while we were being married and even more embarrassed to kiss him when we were told by the sealer to kiss. Mike would still claim it was like kissing a statue.

The first thing I said to Mike as we walked out of the temple as BRAND NEW newly weds, was,
"Damn-it Mike, quit stepping on my dress."

At our reception hall, our car was typically 'decorated' as newly-weds cars are, but Mike was mad that it would ruin the paint on his truck. Without even seeing the truck, but hearing it had been done, went to the Valet people (yes, during our reception) and politely informed them that when he had them valet park his car, they should be in charge of it and not allow people to mess it up. Of course, the valet place cleaned and washed the truck and didn't allow anyone else near it. (I was quite disappointed and only ever saw it from one photo taken while they were decorating it.)

Falling asleep in the truck from the Inn at Temple Square to our wedding night destination and when we got there, wanting nothing more than to just stay asleep for the night. I was tired!!

But, I do remember how much I LOVED Mike then and how much MORE I LOVE him now.

Here's to 12,1212 more years!


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