Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was feeling quite proud of myself this morning, when I said to Mike, as I walked out the door dressed in my "professional best,"

"Some people think I'm important."

I was referring to the people that I would soon be sitting with at the school for 3+ hours of interviews. (I had been asked to be on a committee that helped select and interview candidates for the principal position at our local elementary school.)
It has been a llloooonnngggg process.
(Thanks Mom for watching my 3 little ones for 8+ hours total for this!)

The whole process has made me feel very important and professional!

It was overwhelming to sit opposite professionals capable of becoming a school principal and see their nervousness.

I hoped they wouldn't feel intimidated amongst us-especially-me?

I'm about as opposite from them as can be. Case in point; I noticed during the interview that I had food on the side of my sweater, and dried formula on my sleeve. And, had a diaper fall out of my purse whilst retrieving a pen.

Nonetheless, I felt important as I sat in the room.


I felt more important when I returned home, changed into my sweats, got a snack for my four year old, rocked a crying newborn, and tucked my sick two year old in bed for his nap.

I am right. . .
"Some people think I'm important."
Their names are Megan, Luke, Ellie, Joshua and Drew.


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