Friday, April 10, 2009

Choo Choo--Joshua Turned 2!

Joshua had a fun "Choo Choo" party with some of his favorite people. Nana and Grandpa, Uncle James & Aunt Kristin, Jonah Evans and Family, and Paul and Vickie Tingey. (Joshua missed Uncle Casey & Aunt Cindy). Joshua's favorite presents included, his Thomas shirt, new trucks and trailers, train from Nana and Grandpa, horses from James and Kristin, the construction vehicles from Jonah and the suckers attached to the gift from Paul and Vickie.

One of my birthday traditions is making my children's birthday cakes. I have NEVER bought a cake from a store and don't ever plan on it. I have homemade/decorated 22 cakes for my children alone! (Aagh-and they are still young and so many more to still do!)

I developed the "dreaded obligatory task" of making cakes from my mother. So, this year, knowing I would have a brand new baby I gave my mother the assignment. (I gave her a good 6+ weeks warning.)
(This picture doesn't do it justice)
I'm thinking she may be hired for the next 18 years!



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