Monday, June 22, 2009

It Is What It Is . . .

I've seen similar posts floating around in 'Blog World.'
I thought I'd do my own version...

You know you're a mean mom when you are tired of reading your child the same book over and over and you throw it behind the couch so they can't find it.

You know you have seriously relaxed as a parent when your daughter goes to church wearing yesterday's hairdo.

You know you are a bad mom when the lunch hour has passed and you are secretly happy no one reminded you they needed lunch.

You know you have a large family when you have to count everyone to see if everyone is present.

You know you are out of style when your five year old tells you what to wear and your ten year old tells you how to do your hair.

You know you have too many pair of sweats when you need two hands to count how many you own.

You know you have lowered your standards when you think, 'At least the bathrooms were cleaned once this month.'

You know you are too busy to care if the two year old is carrying around a pocket knife, as long as it stays folded up.

You know there are other things on your mind when you allow your 2 month old to serve as a Hot Wheel track for the 2 year olds cars.

You know you detest fixing breakfast when your children ask for ice cream and you think, 'Sure, what's the difference between that and a bowl of sugary cereal with milk?'

You know you spend too much time in the car when you don't even bat an eyelid when your husband asks why the car looks like the kids have eaten every meal in it. Obviously he doesn't drive 5 kids around on a regular basis.

You know your housekeeping standards are poor when you look around and worry the health board could shut down your house if they came to visit.

You know you will never win a Motherhood Award when your two year old drops something and says, "Damn it."

You know you have a lot of laundry on a daily basis when your baby pees on the crib sheet, you don't wash it; you just lay the baby at the other end of the crib.

You know you are getting lazy when you lay in bed in the morning and count how many times you'll probably go up and down the stairs that day, and then decide that can replace your exercise routine.

You know you got what you deserved now that you are in the same situation as the mother in your neighborhood you always looked down on when you only had one child and they had more. Because on a daily basis you have dirty faced-unmatched-clothes-and-scraggly-hair-kids and your house is a mess.

You know you have a lot of kids when you realize that lowering your expectations will be the key to peace and harmony.


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