Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life. As We Know It

Pinewood Derby
(With a homemade Cabela's truck)

Statue of Liberty
(Compliments of an empty toilet paper roll and a Kindergarten class.)

Science fair project
(5th grade requirement)

A pleasant two year old.
(Have I ever told you I disagree with the 'terrible twos' cliche?...)

And a 10 month old climbing a baby gate...
(And thus collapsing the gate.)

**Sidenotes: When Luke was 10 months old, he climbed up a toy slide and onto the wide window ledge. He fell and cut his lip. While visiting the doctor for the stitches diagnosis, both the nurse and doctor looked at us questioningly as we told them what happened. I don't think 10 month olds are supposed to climb like that... By 13 months old, Luke could climb to the top shelf of the pantry...
(I'm trying to protect myself (and Drew) from a similar fate.)**


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