Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An End

Today I bought my last cans of formula.  I've imagined this event for years.  I thought I'd be happy.  After all, formula is very expensive and I have formula fed four of our five babies from week one.  We have spent a lot of money on formula.  I don't even want to imagine the total cost.
But, it was with bittersweet feelings, I pulled the formula off of the shelf at Costco this morning.  And as I often do, I got a little teary eyed...
Another stage is soon ending.

I love flower bouquets at Costco.  I always gaze at them.  I don't often buy flowers for myself, unless Luke is with me, then I sometimes do.  Luke always wants "to get some flowers for you mom."  Which interpreted means, he picks them out and I pay for them.
As I walked by the flower display today at Costco, still processing my 'no more formula' feelings, I had a fabulous idea.  Each time a stage ends that I am a little teary eyed about, I will buy myself flowers! But, so as not to be selfish and wallow in my own self-pity, I will find somebody to share them with that needs to be cheered up far more than me.
This morning, I handed over a beautiful half bouquet of yellow roses, to a dear neighbor and friend who had yet to make any contact with any of her Chilean family members following the earthquake in Chile.  With tears in both of our eyes, we embraced.  The flowers offering a simple expression of love.
As I look at my beautiful half bouquet of roses sitting on my table, I count my blessings.

Formula or no formula, I am very blessed.


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