Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zoom Carnefel

Years ago, Megan used to watch the PBS show, Zoom.  Megan LOVED it.  In fact, in our 'Family Council' Book, our records show frequently in 2003-2004, when it came time to Megan's 'Matters of Importance', week after week she would request, "I really need help sending something to Zoom."

Well, Zoom was taken off the air, and unless looking at past Family Council entries and laughing, we thought Zoom was forgotten.  Until recently, when Megan discovered you can watch it on!  Megan saw a fun game on there, and wanted to play it as a family.

Combine all that with (mine and) Mike's frugality plus a one year old baby, plus a boy we thought had a sore wrist, plus our satisfaction in staying home and making our own fun...
This is a peek at our Saturday Night 'Zoom Carnefel.'

Each person was in charge of their own activity.
Megan's (courtesy of Zoom) was 'Balloon Train.'  We divided into two teams and paraded around the house with balloons between us.  Joshua insisted on using his hands (not allowed) and Drew had his own version of the game.

Luke's game was (in his words); "It's like, 'Pin The Tail On The Donkey', but it is 'Put the drawing of the person closest to the side of Tatch (name of the horse) like when I fell off of it.'  So with us each blindfolded with a Cub Scout kerchief, and a little twirl, we attempted our placements.  Daddy won.

Ellie's game, was the most difficult.  We had to pass pasta tubes from one straw to another.  Megan and Daddy were the only ones that didn't use their hands... (The rest of us were finished and bored, by the time Daddy and Megan finished!)

Mom and Joshua's activity was ice cream tacos.

Daddy's activity was by far my favorite.  (Sunday was Daylight Savings, and the clocks needed to go forward.)  So...while Daddy played, "Name That Tune" on the piano with all of the children, I ran around to every clock in the house and put it forward one hour, to 8:33pm!
The Carnefel was SO FUN. Time just FLEW by!
When it was over,
It was bedtime.
Now that, is SMART parenting!


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