Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh The Thinks I Think...

(This years book)

So it is no secret, I don't LOVE holidays. But, I often love to make random days into something. And as I explained last year, March 2nd is one of those days.

BUT, this year it is even bigger and better.

I'll give a little background.

1. Having a baby, means age is marked in months. Each 30th, I have announced how many months Drew is that day...
Aagh-slight problem, this month; there is no February 30th.
(And if you remember, I was VERY picky about Drew NOT being born on March 31st, as he'd never be able to have a 'real half birthday.')

2. Occasionally, the kids will ask how many months they are, and we will all practice our 12 times-tables, plus a little addition and we'll come up with the answer.

Well guess what?
I am so excited
Think, random day/Dr Seuss day/half-birthday/how many months old today-and you have one very exciting day at our house...

Today of course is March 2nd, so not only will the kids find the Dr Seuss book on the kitchen table, but Drew is technically 11 months old today,

and Luke, is exactly 100 months old today!

Wow! For all that to fall on one random day, makes today extra special.

Forget just the Dr Seuss book. Today might even include a cake (Luke's request), and it will definitely be chocolate (my request).

Really-who needs silly holidays like Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day or even Halloween, when you've got Dr Seuss day combined with someone turning 100 months old and 11 months old.

Can't happen too often.

From me to you, Happy March 2nd!


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