Monday, March 22, 2010

Time Out for Mom

Sunday I came home from church hungry and tired.

I decided to cook a  'Sunday dinner.' (A few months ago, for various reasons, I switched 'Sunday dinners' to 'Monday dinners'.)

But, Sunday I was hungry for a good meal.  I reneged on my switch.

While cooking Sunday's meal:
I listened to complaints about the meal choice.
I received negative replies when suggesting the table be set.
I heard moaning about another task asked to be completed.
I could hear mean words exchanged between sisters.
I heard the tears after a shin was kicked by a sibling.
I was still hungry and tired.

I exchanged cross words with my husband, while I verbally spewed my regrets of fixing a dinner and not keeping with my original four month ago plan to not have Sunday dinners

I turned off all the stove burners.  I pushed the stop button on the dinging microwave.  I went to my bedroom and cried.

When I returned, my solitary place setting was still at the table.
It stayed there all day.
It was still there when I went to bed Sunday night.  
It was untouched.
I cleared it Monday morning.

Motherhood is not always bliss.
Thank goodness for tomorrows.


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