Monday, March 29, 2010

A Break

I loved, loved, LOVED my stay in Tucson, Arizona.

I loved:
  • sitting by the pool reading
  • shopping at the mall with no time restraint
  • sleeping in a king size bed
  • pringles and mini-eggs for breakfast 
  • eating outside

  • the Desert Jeep Tour (courtesy of RainBird)
  • the 1970's Scout that didn't break down (pay attention to the top middle photo)
  • visiting with our driver, Carlos
  • the seven guys in our group that didn't mind me tagging along for a couple of days (although I politely declined the Rainbird factory tour...)
  • the unique beauty of the Arizona desert
  • the 'Cowboy' dinner catered in the desert

  • having some much-needed and appreciated alone time with my husband
  • renting a car and driving to Phoenix to visit with some of our favorite cousins
  • pedicures and manicures with said favorite cousins
  •  hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants
  • the smell of orange blossoms 
  • visiting the Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • warm temperatures

And of course coming home last night to this:
(A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you goes to 'the piano teacher,' Danelle (and husband and baby), for babysitting, five not-always-easy kids.)

Although, reality slapped me in the face this morning, as I ran to the bus stop in my bathrobe, carrying Drew and holding/dragging Ellie's hand as she was crying.

Hmmm-someone please remind me, what exactly was it I missed about my children while I was gone?!?



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