Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catch Phrase

  Around our house we have many phrases/slogans/quotes that we frequently use.  Most of them we have had for years, some new ones we have picked up more recently.  Nearly all of them have 'just happened' rather than been carefully planned out.  Here is a sampling of a few.
One of the firsts I can remember, from back when Megan was about three years old is, "Obey."  It is probably one of the most frequently used words in our house.  There are some children we use it with more than others.  They shall remain nameless.

A few years ago during a Family Home Evening lesson.  Mike shared a story with us.  As a result of the story and the lesson to be learned,  Mike frequently asks the question, "How many tells does it take?"  Though others hearing the question, may be completely unaware of the meaning.  The children remember the story and know what Daddy is asking. 

Our family motto over the years has become simply, "Make good choices."  It has become a habit that is said everyday when the kids leave for school, "I love you.  Make good choices."   I especially love the mornings I hear a child pray, "Help us make good choices today."  Or when a child offers, "That was a good choice, huh?"  Often times our dinner discussions revolve around the good choices that were made that day.

A frequently asked question is, "What's that smell? Oh, it's your attitude."  There is a child that hears this question more than the other children do.  They shall remain nameless. 

One of our frequent phrases to say to the children comes from a talk given by President Uchtdorf of the First Presidency.  (You can read it here.)  Mike began using it first, and is heard to say it more than me.  Mike is regularly heard saying to the children, "Lift where you stand."

And this is where my honesty comes forth. We do our best to parent our children.  We do our best to teach them well.  But we are far from perfection...

Just the other day during our Saturday cleaning hour, a nameless child was 'negotiating' too much with Mike.  Both of our patience was wearing thin.  I knew Mike was going to blurt out a familiar phrase any minute. 

But instead, Mike had a 'new' variation to a favorite.  I was humored when Mike firmly said,

"Shut up and lift where you stand."

Feel better about your parenting now?


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