Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Forever In My Mind

Remember last summer when I 'saved the fish' with Luke.  It was a memory I didn't have my camera for, but my mind took a picture.  (You can read the post here, and/or in addition, it was recently posted here.)

I was reminded of mind pictures while exercising this morning.  We were almost half way home, when Joshua asked to get out of the stroller and walk.  Usually I am in too big of a hurry to get home, but today I obliged my three year old.  And oh, I am so glad I did!

A few footsteps earlier, Joshua and I had pointed out the temple up on the hill and and together sung the familiar Primary song, "I Love To See The Temple."   Now, Joshua while running along side of me, was singing (incorrectly),  "I will go and see my far-ver I'll pway and I'll obey..."  His little voice occasionally pausing for a breath as his little feet were trying hard to keep up with mom.

It was one of those mind pictures that I forever hope to see.

Years ago, I started a 'mind picture journal'  I have since neglected it.  (Aagh- I could kick myself for it now.)

Eloquent words and even well taken photos don't ever truly capture and record what our hearts do.  Our 'mind pictures' are the memories I think will stand out the most from our time spent raising young children.

Don't you have some favorite mind pictures?
If not, go capture yourself one, today.


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