Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shout Hooray!!!

Components of a Happy Birthday when you're Joshua and you're three!
Receiving the much anticipated 'Stoney Davis' cowboy hat and Wranglers.

Not getting in trouble when getting caught eating the frosting.

A trip to the local western store to get the highly desired, 'horse wope.'

Riding the horse for a dime, three times at the local western store.

A new wagon from Nana and Grandpa.
A power nap while we were stuck at Autozone with a broken down car for an hour.

Dinner with the family and Nana and Grandpa at the place of Joshua's choosing, Arctic Circle.
Making a wish with the candles on the requested 'Stoney Davis hat cake'.

A whole bag of suckers from Uncle Casey and Aunt Cindy. (Except the 'they've been taken away till tomorrow part.')

The 'Cars' track from Uncle James and Aunt Kristin. 
(Except it got banished to another room because it's too noisy part.)

A sleepover on the family room floor with Megan, Luke and Ellie.

What could be better?
Happy Birthday Joshua!


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