Friday, April 30, 2010

Made My Day

I started blogging for a way to journal the day to day events of my little family in my corner of the world.  I love that when something funny, or not so funny or down right embarrassing happens in our lives, either Mike or Megan ask, "Are you going to blog about that?"  Or more correctly, Megan will say, "Mom, Please don't blog about that."

I also re-discovered the love of writing that I have always had.  I have always enjoyed writing in a personal journal, I have always enjoyed writing letters (As a child I lived thousands of miles away from grandparents/relatives so I learned to love writing letters.)  I even have a book full of poetry and short essays from my college days.  (I think I'll keep those boxed up...)

I also love to read and thanks to my Granny, I inherited the trait of being slightly nosey.  Perfect combination to enjoy taking a peek into other people's lives now and then.  And though I try not to venture out too far into the 'blogging world' around me, (it would be so easy to get caught up, in as there are a lot of fabulous blogs out there... )

I am flattered that people (besides my dear husband who faithfully reads each post with a smile),  enjoy reading my blog...  I even got stopped by an acquaintance in a store once who told me how much they enjoyed my blog. (That made my day!)

So, my day was made today, when Stef over at Oops There Goes My Mind (Don't you love that blog title?) gave me a Sunshine award.  I only met her recently after she commented on my blog, but oh, her blog is worth taking a peek at.   I guarantee you'll smile, and maybe even laugh out loud.  And that my friends, if you remember, is what I'm working on doing more of this year.

In fact it's been a few days since I've had a good laugh. 
Hopefully I will soon.

Oh, and if I were to award the Sunshine award to another, it would be Cindy's blog here:
Ramblings like this or this always guaranteed to make you smile, or experiences like this that really could only happen to her.

Happy Weekend.


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