Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mike's Day

 (Mike's 38th birthday, July 20th, 2010)

Birthdays are a big deal to ME.
I love birthdays.
I love mine, my kids, and (I used to love my husbands).
I love birthdays.
Mike doesn't as you may remember from this birthday post for him last year.

And as you can deduce from...
a. no blog post on his birthday
b. no blog post the day after or even very close to his birthday
c. no photos of anything but a few in a birthday hat to open some presents
d. no birthday cake
e. no candles
f. him asking me why I was taking down his balloons at 9pm when it was still technically his birthday

It wasn't exactly the best birthday around here.

Mike doesn't really care about his birthday.
I will make sure and remember that next year!!!!
Enough said about that.
The end.


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