Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheering From Across the Pond

One of my favorite Olympic memories is from the 1984 Olympics. I was on vacation with my friend and her family at the Witterings. While her parents were off enjoying the seaside with friends and family one evening, my friend Karen and I were in the little holiday villa with her big brother, Brian.

England won a gold medal in something (who knows what--perhaps I should google it!) and Brian made Karen and I stand and sing the national anthem during the award ceremony. I must note, it was not out of any patriotic tribute or respect that he made us sing along. It was totally in a big brother teasing type way. He laid on the couch laughing at us the whole time.

And that is the story I tell Mike (or anyone else for that matter) that has to tolerate my singing along when a national anthem is played that I know during an Olympic ceremony. It's sad really though, it makes Mike far less cheering for Team USA than he should be as a fellow American, because he is sparing himself the pain during the awards ceremony.

We love the Olympics. And the fact it is in London this time around is doubly exciting. I can't wait to lay in bed watching swimming, gymnastics, running, and diving. And as I do every year, I'll root for my two favorite national anthems to be sung.


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