Sunday, July 22, 2012

Falling in a Hole

As my brother and sister-in-law put it on Saturday mid-day, "You must have had quite the party after we left last night, you look kind of rough." I refuse to tell you what time of day it was when they said this to us while I was still in my bedclothes having just removed myself from my bed only 3-5 minutes earlier.

(We did have a fun 40th birthday on Friday for Mike, yet for some reason I didn't snap a SINGLE picture on his birthday. Believe me though, we won't forget the weekend he turned 40 anytime soon.)

In mine and Mike's defense, NEVER in our lives have we stayed in bed that long. Although Mike dozed, I read (and finished) a hilarious, easy-read book I was in the middle of. All the while we munched on chocolate-covered almonds that one of the children had brought up to us at some point in the morning.

It was quite a glorious morning, if you don't count the numerous begs to "come fix breakfast" or the whiny questioning, "When are you guys going to get out of bed? Fortunately James and Kristin were due to drop off their little girls at a certain time, so it made for a more timely departure from the bed than if no one had have been stopping by.

Actually, I say "fortunately", but there was one point in the day Mike and I looked at each other and thought, "We should have stayed in bed longer."

Let me explain.

Mike and I eventually showered and dressed and somewhat irresponsibly left Megan home alone with six children (including a 5 month old baby-I hope James and Kristin aren't reading this) while we ran a quick errand to my parents' house to pick something up. It was a large drill press, and so we chose the truck as our mode of transportation.

The trip to my parents' house was quite uneventful, other than me having to scrounge for some food because the chocolate covered almonds hadn't quite filled me up and it was past lunchtime by now. I also grabbed a large plastic cup of ice water. Incidentally, it was at this point I remembered I'd left the remaining chocolate covered almonds in a bowl by my bed and knew they had probably all been consumed now by a certain 3 year old child.

On the way home, Mike and I decided to take a slight detour to drive through a neighborhood where some of Mike's guys had recently laid some sod for a neighboring city. Due to Mike's visit to Girl's Camp and having a birthday in the few days prior, a visit to this particular job site had been delayed until now.

Mike and I were minding our own business driving up a residential street. Mike had slowed down to look at the nearby landscape, and slowed because of a car coming down the other way. We were driving about 10 mph, when all of a sudden we felt a slight bump, then a big jolt from side to side, and then a horrible sound, and all of a sudden we were kind of crooked in the front seat of the truck. In the meantime, I gasped that my ice water flew all over the car, and I'm pretty sure I asked Mike, "What happened?" (I may or may not have added one or two other words to that short question.)
I could make the story a lot longer, but I won't.

I'll sum it up.

Before you ask. When we drove east on this particular part of the street it was 100% dry and smooth.

A nearby water pipe because of a bad connection had caused major water saturation right into a place where a trench in the road had been filled with (too little) road-base the day before. Our bad luck, combined with driving slowly, and being in a heavy truck hit it just right to fall into the "sink hole."

The neighbors living across the street were some of the kindest people EVER. The man watched it all happen and couldn't believe it. The woman and adult daughter have had a nightmare week dealing with all the problems as the nearby lot has been being developed for utilities. This was the final straw for them. They were more mad than we were at the responsible parties.

My mother had to be summoned to go home and be with Megan and the aforementioned six children as our quick errand was no longer being quick.

My dad, never one to miss out on an adventure, dropped off my mother at our house, picked up my cell-phone and Luke and came to see the adventure for themselves.

I must interject here, that my dad now completely understands my children's inability to SHUT UP. While my dad and Luke drove the 5-8 minute drive to get to us my dad had to listen and attempt to answer all 692 questions Luke asked. It is my understanding my dad finally replied, (I'm sure somewhat exasperatedly), "Luke! I have told you everything I know. We'll have to wait until we get there."

Thankfully my husband carries around "water keys" in the back of his truck. (Don't you?) and was able to turn off the nearby water source to prevent more leaking. It had to be done, as the policeman for some reason kept choosing to walk on that particular stretch of grass and sunk further in each time. His shoes will definitely need to be cleaned and polished before he begins his next shift.

Two separate entities came to the scene of "the accident" in addition to the local police department. Full responsibility for our sunken truck was declared by one of those entities.

The tow truck driver was good at knowing his stuff, and after backing in at a couple of different angles opted to back up the street to lift the truck up out of the hole. ("Pulling it out" wasn't an option!) My dad was handy to have around as I looked across the street and saw him directing the tow truck driver.
(When the tow truck first approached with a broken-down truck already on it, my prayers became even more fervent that our truck would be drive-able upon removal from the hole.)

Here is a photo of the hole we made, NOT the hole we drove though. Please be reminded, there was no hole when we first drove up the street. Please further note, I told the policeman it needed to be barricaded off. I'm not too sure he appreciated my telling him what to do, but he politely replied they would.
(I learn from the best. My dad directed the tow truck driver. I "directed" the police officer. It must be in the blood.)
Friday was Mike's 40th birthday. Which as I mentioned, unfortunately I didn't snap a SINGLE photo of the day! I know, I know, what a disappointment. But we had a semi-emergency in the late afternoon on Friday that put a little damper on the day for us, and then the next day we joined in the bad luck ourselves. I'm fairly certain that despite not having a single photo of  Mike's 40th birthday, it is a weekend we will always remember.

It's funny, on Facebook a friend commented, "Tiffany, I have to say, you have one of the most eventful lives of anyone I know...." It completely took me off guard, because for the most part I consider our lives to be fairly mundane and regular, even bordering on the boring side. But then I started thinking about hauling goats to school, children with polka dot hair cuts, nails in the bottom of a foot, and trucks falling in holes and I realize, maybe our life isn't so boring after all.


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