Monday, July 2, 2012

All Family

This afternoon (Monday) our house feels very quiet. For the last 8 days we have had 23 different cousins float in and out of our house. We loved every minute of it. (Well, for the most part. The 361 cups that seemed to adorn my counters for 8 days got slightly cluttery.)

Mike and I were flattered that so many of the cousins we love from AZ and CA would love to stay at our house, considering our house is already crazy and chaotic enough with the 7 of us.

We had children galore running amuck through the house, yard and neighborhood for days. Bikes, swimsuits, towels, shoes, cups, snack wrappers, socks and toys were strewn all over the house and yard for a week. But OH!!! WHAT FUN!! It really truly was.

And before you ask. Because everyone has. No, it was not my side of the family. It is Mike's side of the family. Several of his 2nd and 3rd cousins. I love them dearly.
 Katie from CA, Emily from UT, Joshua, Dakota from AZ, Ellie and Sienna from AZ
 Cousin Christene and Shannon, Damon, Amber (all from AZ) and Ricky and Katie (from CA)
We had pony rides, long visits on the patio, delicious desserts, crafts, communal meals, sleep-overs, movies and enough trampoline jumping each day that you'd think a long scheduled nap could have happened every afternoon. It never did. 
Cousin Seth from CA--He cooked dinner for us once when our 10 year olds were newborns. I like to have him cook for me every chance I get. (Including last March when Mike and I visited California.)
Mike and Sarah licking the brownie batter bowl. Even though only Mike's hand is showing, he was guilty of plenty of licking too.
 Cousins Jennifer and Shannon (sisters from AZ) and a few of the masses visiting the horses.
Cousin Nicki and Megan were enlisted to help tame the wild bed-hair.
Mons, Seth and Mike relaxing after dinner. Well, as much as you can relax with as many children as there were to interrupt some or all of us!
 All hands to the deck.
 Everyone was GREAT to jump in and help with food prep and clean-up.
Drew, Conner and Ryan, Luke, Joshua, Hannah, Ellie and Megan, Sarah

The goats! How could Hank and Lily not have been a part of the week?!?
(Cousin George telling a story to Drew and Joshua)

Katie and Ricky, Hannah and Conner, Dakota, Sienna and Chevy
Drew, Sarah and Ryan, Joshua

It was the perfect kick-off to an (almost) perfect Sowby Family Reunion at the end of the week. (More on that later...)


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