Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Whipper Boy

This post is not going to take on any "story-telling" elements. Although if it did, it would include things like what a stellar mother I am and how quick I am to seek medical attention when symptoms appear. Included in my stellarism would be how I would never ever tell a child to quit coughing so dramatically and just cough normally.

Instead I will stick to the facts. First of all, I will absolutely not discount the fact that I was well and truly prompted to take Luke to a doctor on Wednesday morning. Despite Luke having been coughing for a day shy of two weeks, I figured it was nothing serious as no other family member had come down with a cough. Honestly, I was beginning to think it was some kind of animal allergy. I can count on one hand the times Luke has ever been sick.

I'll keep it brief.

24 hours after Luke sat for 20 seconds with a long Q-tip looking thing all the way up his right nostril, I received a phone call that he had tested positive for whooping cough (pertussis).

With whooping cough, comes phone calls and reporting to the health department, all family members put on antibiotics and all sorts of questions about exposure, incubation periods, and quarantining. Because I could remember the exact day his coughing started, they could track it quite easily to when he was probably exposed to it. Although where in the world he contracted it is anyone's guess.

Poor Luke. Of all the kids to get it, it had to be him. The hardest child to keep entertained inside. He has watched more television in the past few days than the whole last 6 months combined. I am not joking.

Poor me. We are typically a very healthy family and I'm lucky if I even have children's Tylenol in my cupboard when needed. So the administration of medicines every day to children not used to having to take medicine has tested my patience. One child has to literally be held down. Another child threw up their dose in the garbage after taking 7 minutes to swallow it. Another child complains. Another child takes it as long as there is a large glass of water next to them. Another child takes it with little to no incident. Mike takes his after gentle reminding.
For the record, Luke is fully up-to-date on all of his immunizations and so are all of my other children. For that matter, so is the neighbor boy who also tested positive for it after I "was prompted" to call his parents and tell them about Luke's diagnosis. The coincidence of them both having it when they are 5 years apart and never play together is beyond any of us. Guess that Primary activity a few weeks ago gave out more than just popsicles.

Oh, and we finally convinced Luke it is not "whipping cough" it is "whooping cough." 
But "whipping" has kind of stuck. Luke is now affectionately being called, "Whipper Boy."
He isn't amused.


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