Thursday, July 12, 2012

Non-Water Conservation

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of an environmentalist. I drink from store-bought water bottles, I've never taken reusable bags to a grocery store, and  I'm not ashamed to admit that during my 13 1/2 year stint changing diapers, I used nothing but disposable diapers.

I wish I could admit I think differently about using water, but I don't. I tend to leave the water running when I brush my teeth and sometimes I fill the bathtub as high as it can go. I try to remember that I live in a desert and sometimes a drought is imminent, but I guess I've always been spoiled enough to turn on a tap and have water come out. I'll admit. I take water for granted.

So it came as a little bit of a shock to me tonight when I was about to open my mouth to tell Mike he was completely and unquestionably wasting water. But then again, I surmised it was at least a 100 degree day here in our neck of the woods and if water came out of our hose, we were darn well going to use it.

As we sat outside on our patio this evening following our not-so balanced dinner of salsa and guacamole, Mike opted to cool us off by creating a "mist."
Drew obviously misinterpreted Mike's invitation to them to play in the water. Mike said, "Come here and I'll shower you, and Drew took that to mean literally, that he was "getting in the shower."
On the bright side, Drew only had one article of clothing to remove.
On the not-so bright side, we don't have a fenced in back yard and our house backs onto a city park which though typically is not visited much, had visitors tonight.

So the streaking naked through the hose didn't last more than a few seconds before Drew was sent inside to find a swimming suit.
(I had to laugh when our friend pointed out to us last week how ironic it is that Drew streaks around in his underwear 99% of the time, yet when playing in water always wears a swimming suit and a swimming shirt. Doesn't really make sense now, does it?!)

Of course before too long, all the kids wanted in on the fun. And so there we sat on the patio doing nothing more than wasting water.

 Well I really shouldn't say "nothing more than wasting water." After all, we were making a memory. Just last week a friend who has "raised his children" told me his wife's motto is, "I'd rather make a memory than a bed."
Who cares if we twist it slightly and say instead, "We'd rather make a memory than conserve water."
And that's what we do on a hot summer eve.


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