Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Tradition Continues

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. July 4th--Independence Day is my favorite holiday.

Yes. The girl who was once a "proper English school girl" and the person who couldn't say they were an American citizen until four years ago absolutely LOVES July 4th. I always feel flattered when a dear friend tells me I am the most "patriotic person" he knows.

Even though England does and always will hold a tender place in my heart, and I sing "God Save The Queen" frequently throughout the year, especially on important England occasions, I believe that America truly is a "choice land." I feel blessed to live in this country, and I'm am "Proud to be an American."

Our house knows when the calendar turns the page into July...

This year we started off July 4th attending our local city parade. Thank you to the kindness and generosity of some stellar people that live along the parade route, we were able to ride our bikes and skip any reserving spots or setting out chairs early. It was a fairly short and sweet parade. 
The fact that a stuffed animal literally landed in Megan's lap from a passing parade entry was nothing short of perfect. Drew has a strange fascination with stuffed animals (only child of mine that has ever had an interest in them) and he thought he had died and gone to heaven when Megan handed to him this silly stuffed animal dog.

Big kudos to my dear husband who tolerated the small city parade. In fact, I do believe I even saw him smile a few times during it. (He detests parades.) 

After the parade, it was "all hands to the deck" to prepare for our Annual Water Baseball BBQ. It was a smaller crowd than years past. What with my BFF's family out of town and my two brothers and their families moved away. 
Without those two brothers, our baseball game was much less regulated and rule abiding, but it was still the highlight of my summer. Besides, who really needs to run to each base when you're getting drenched in the face?

Just as we thought the party was over, our dear neighbors came and joined us and the fun continued. I love summer evenings spent sitting on the back patio eating and visiting while children (and adult) play. It was a near-perfect summer's day. 
I love Independence Day! Even if we did forget our annual Pledge of Allegiance on the front porch, or the singing of the National Anthem. 
Oh well. You can't do it all.


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