Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fabulous Exchange--Laces for Love

I read about and hear about a lot of things. Some tug at my heart more than others. This is one of them, I'll tell you why...

I have a soft spot in my mother heart for a particular mother who lost a precious child. Two years ago, through mutual friends and acquaintances, I heard about her child's passing in the days following his death. It tugged at my heart a little more deeply than usual, as Drew was the same age. Just a few weeks later, I met the mother, Amanda at a Power of Moms retreat when she shared her poignant, heartfelt story of losing her baby Bennett.

I don't know Amanda well, other than what I gleaned from my brief time with her at the retreat, and from Facebook. But last fall, I had an "accidental" experience with my little Drew, that is perhaps what has drawn me to want to help with this particular project.

Last fall, Drew and I went on an errand with Mike to pick up a machine. To keep Drew occupied and away from the backing machine and trailer, I took him on a little walk. Right next door to the driveway we were at, was a city cemetery.

It was dusk. Drew and I walked quietly through the cemetery trying to pass time when I saw a headstone that caught my eye. I knew immediately it was the precious son of Amanda. I walked over to look closer, and Drew noticed the picture of "a baby on there." I tried to explain a little to Drew about what a cemetery was, and why there was a picture on there. In a hushed yet anxious voice, Drew asked, "Mom, can we help push him out?"

I was touched by Drew's insistence and innocence that we "get him out of the ground". At the same time, I felt my heart ache as I tearfully held my little Drew close and kissed him on his head while looking at the picture of the little boy's face, knowing his heart broken mother for now, can't hold him close. All the while, I was explaining to Drew that no, we could not help the baby. It was a heartbreaking, poignant and spiritual experience all rolled into one spontaneous exploration of a local cemetery.

Maybe it is this little experience I had last fall, that has made me not be able to get a particular service opportunity off of my mind.

I know there are a TON of service opportunities out there. I know everyone wants our dollars or our time. If you're like me, you pick and choose. I'm often one to turn down the "Want to add a $1 and donate to ...." at the store, but I donate generously to food drives.

Anyway, my point here isn't to tell you what I do and don't donate to, but to tell you about this donation opportunity that I can't stop thinking about. I don't want you to forget about it either!!

It's about donating SHOES!!

And no, I don't think it is just because I LOVE shoes that I haven't  been able to stop thinking about this project. (Not sure how parting with some will help towards my 365 pair goal, but that's okay....)

I think it is because I want to do whatever part I can to help complete this particular family. (You can read more about their decision to adopt HERE.) I sit back and watch a lot of good things go on around me. This time, I don't want to just watch, I want to DO.

Please help. All you need to do, is donate shoes! You all know you have some lying around the house that are either too small, too faded, too out of style, or too seldom worn. (For the record, I don't think I'll ever be able to part with a couple of pairs that Megan prays NEVER come back in style). The donated shoes can be all sizes and shapes.

If you aren't local, no worries! Check out the pick-up locations in the Phoenix area, Las Vegas, California, several places in Utah, Idaho, Texas, Georgia, etc. etc. (If you are local, you can leave them on my doorstep.) They are collecting until the end of March. So if you know you're going to see me between now and then, BRING SOME SHOES!!

For more detailed information, you can click HERE. But in case you aren't a "Link Clicker", here's a blurb from their Laces for Love blog:

Please join us as we gather 40,000 shoes to raise money for the adoption of two children.

We are collecting gently used but still wearable shoes. We can take ANY type of shoe - boots (we LOVE boots, since we are paid per pound), flip flops, high heels, tennis shoes, dressy shoes, sports shoes, cleats, anything. As long as there aren't holes . . .  and they match . . . we'll take them! For every pound of shoes we collect, we earn $.70 towards our adoption. Amazing right? You declutter, we earn much needed adoption money AND the shoes go to third world countries. WIN, WIN and WIN!!!

Help us complete our family. Sole by sole.

Start rummaging through those closets and shoe baskets TODAY.


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