Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My New Love

I'm considering packing in my full-time job as a mother. Perhaps I'll even quit publicly speaking about motherhood. I am leaning heavily towards becoming a spokesperson for the UTA (Utah Transit Authority), or more simply put, the public transportation system of Utah.
I am a fan.
I LOVE public transportation.
My love affair with it began on Saturday.
(Not exactly sure what is up with my "pursed" lips. I think I was probably trying to tell Ellie to quit taking photos of me. Or I was telling Megan to quit being so irritated about Ellie using our public transportation venture as a photo op.)

It's quite likely I won't be able to become a spokesperson for UTA at this point in time, so instead I am looking for ways to regularly incorporate public transportation into my life.

Perhaps I am recalling the memories of myself as a teenager riding the 213 bus to school on occasion, or riding the 151 bus to Sutton. (I didn't grow up in England using public transportation as much as my peers; my mother drove, the majority of my peers' mothers did not.)

Maybe I am only remembering the positive experiences of my UTA bus riding days in college when Melanie and I felt gas prices were getting far too high to drive to school everyday and so we spent our junior year of college riding the bus to the University of Utah. (Yes, we thought back in the day, $1.40/gallon was HIGH!!)

Regardless, riding the train and then trax to the granddaughter party on Saturday was so much less stress than driving in a car on snowy or wet roads. It was very relaxing to kick back and watch the streets and cars pass me by, all the while doing a Sudoku puzzle or listening to my teenager lament the slowness of our journey.
Okay, so my girls weren't quite as enamored with the whole public transportation thing as I was. Especially the part where we had to wait at the first station for 38 minutes in the 28 degree temps because the online weekEND schedule was wrong. Unfortunately Mike had already dropped us off and gone home, but fortunately a nice UTA worker getting ready to travel to his work shift gave me all sorts of pertinent information for our days travel. I mean, how else would I have known about the UTA phone app? I was chatting away with him about all sorts of UTA stuff, while Megan stood at a distance rolling her eyes, and Ellie stood close by complaining about her cold feet.

I'll tell you like I told Megan though, that UTA phone app saved us having to wait any longer than necessary at our other stops throughout the day. And yes, I will be leaving it on my phone. Thank you Ogden UTA bus supervisor.

Back to the highlights of our day of public transportation.

Megan was absolutely delighted and thrilled to see a real, live, working payphone! She picked up the handset showing all sorts of excitement about her first time seeing a real payphone, until the germophobe in her quickly placed it down and began wishing desperately she hadn't touched it.
(Megan refused to pick up the handset again for a picture.)

The people we saw. Oh the people! The highlight was probably the guy singing out loud listening to his headphones while dancing with his bike. It was eerily similar to Kip, from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, singing the technology song to his wife at the end of the movie.

Forget the "other people", we became those people when we realized that we had MILK JUGS full of cookies to transport onto the train with us! Not only that, we realized Ellie was still (proudly) wearing her apron from the sugar cookie decorating. Megan was mortified! She begged and pleaded for Ellie to remove her apron. Ellie refused to remove her apron, but she did oblige Megan and carry Megan's sugar cookie filled milk jug.
Yes, maybe I should have encouraged Ellie to remove her apron from under her coat, but really, when you're carrying a milk jug full of cookies, does an apron under your coat really make a difference?

Not sure what happened to the photos I took of Megan sitting about 10 rows away from us when we first stepped on the train with aforementioned milk jugs and apron. I think Miss Megan must have deleted them in hopes of there being no proof that she did indeed travel with us on Saturday.

Fortunately, I had a large bag (I had to transport the frosting supplies in the first place THERE), and the milk jugs found a home nestled into the bag at some point on our journey home, alongside the over-sized Christmas gift that I need to deliver to my mother-in-law from her sister.

Of course there is no photo of the three of us together. I chose to honor Megan's request not to ask somebody to take a photo of us together posing in front of a UTA sign.

In addition to not allowing us any group photo shoots, Megan asked me to please stop my lesson on "enjoying the journey rather than the destination" metaphor pretty much as soon as I started. Regardless of whether she'd listen to my metaphor or not, it was still very nice to slow down and not be in a rush and to take the time to enjoy what was outside our window, along roadways we'd otherwise not travel. All reasons as to WHY I'm planning to begin incorporating public transportation into my life.

I already have our next trip scheduled. No worrying about the weather, the parking, or the traffic. Just me, my family and the UTA phone app.


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