Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some of My Favorites

I went to California for a variety of reasons last week, but really, the number one reason I actually went to the Power of Moms LA Retreat was because it was about 10 minutes from my brother and sister-in-law's house!! As much as I would have loved to have spent more time with my Power of Mom pals, April and Allyson having slumber parties and good times, I really couldn't turn down the opportunity to be with Casey, Cindy and Lucy. I love them!!

Especially Lucy.
A lot of times I wished some (or all) of my family were  with me, but there is something to be said to be around my niece Lucy without my children hogging her.

Lucy loved me!!
Well most of the time.

She greeted me with "It's Ellie's friend!" which I wasn't too offended about, I mean she's 2. Surely she knows I am her favorite aunt, and she knows I have a name of my own. Which if she didn't before, she should now. I mean, how many aunts sit and eat their dinner on the toilet next to the bathtub because the 2 year old insisted on it.
I still keep laughing when I think about me doing that. First of all because that's just kind of gross to eat a meal on a toilet in a bathroom. Second of all, I was pretty tired from a full day at the retreat and had it been my children asking for my attention at that point, I may have shooed them away and given all sorts of excuses of being tired and exhausted, etc. But look at that face in the tub!! Who could refuse that? Not that it is any cuter than my children's faces, but it's that whole "We treat others better than our own family type reasoning..."

I hope Lucy remembers my niceness.

Of course I had to visit my dear friends in Chinatown. Wait? I didn't get any photos there?? Oh no. But I did get something I have wanted since my first visit to a Chinatown in San Francisco in 1995. I've eyed them in New York Chinatown, and Pasadena Chinatown last year. This year. I got it!! It will be a blog post in itself. Watch for it.

We visited Olivera Street which I LOVED. I couldn't wait to tell Mike all about it, and how awesome I thought it was,etc. etc. His response? "I tried to get you to go there last year when we were there, but all you cared about was getting to Chinatown." Well. This time I made time for BOTH. As I will next time too.
I treated everybody to a Churro. I know, very generous of me.
Although next time I visit I hope it is lunchtime and we can have some of the delicious Mexican fare offered there.

I requested a visit to the beach before going to the airport. There's just something about the expansiveness of the ocean I love, even though really, I have a horrible fear of water and I would rather not be in it, over it, or too close to it.

Lucy was convinced she would catch a seagull. And I was convinced one of us would get pooped on, because Mike did at the exact spot last year.
We also visited a cool place with amazing views of the LA area. Loved it. Oh, and of course I had to pose for an obligatory photo of the Hollywood sign for my children to ooh and aahh over.

I don't have photos of the late night chats on the couch or the walk in the rain through downtown Pasadena, or the great Mexican restaurant we ate at, or the U-turn on 14th street (Long story, but man is my brother a pain in the butt sometimes. The u-turn incident is the point I told him I could NEVER be married to him, to which he rudely said it's a good thing I'm his sister, because otherwise we'd likely not even be friends! Rude.)

I do think my brother (and Cindy for that matter) were sad to see me leave, but I don't have proof of it like I do Lucy's disappointment at my impending departure. This is was what happened when I said, "Tiffany's going bye-bye soon."
Sure do love these people.


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