Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love, Our Way

Valentine's Day isn't really anything grand around here. Each year it's a bunch of construction paper cut-out hearts with messages for the children on them, a simple treat on everyone's breakfast plate, and a mandatory (Mike and Megan had to be reminded of that) family breakfast in the dining room.

There are never big bouquets of flowers (Mike knows I'd much prefer flowers on "just because" days not on "expected days"), expensive chocolates (although I do love the Cadbury Creme Eggs and Snickers bar I got today), or fancy jewelry (which will likely NEVER happen any day of my life).

There is however our happy (?) little family sitting around the breakfast table each Valentine's Day morning telling
1. what we love about being in our family and
2. what we love about the person to our right/left (I should have chosen 'to your left' this year!)

Immediately upon my instructions of professing our love, the teenager rolled her eyes and snidely said, "Gotta love Valentine's Day at our house."

And then,

It was Luke's turn to state something he loved about the person to his right, which this year happened to be Mike. Avoiding eye-contact with me, while glancing towards Mike, Luke announced, "I love that you don't get mad about all the little stuff Mom gets mad at."

Just as I was recovering from my subtle Valentine's Day insult, and may I add, carrying dirty dishes into the sink while everyone else scattered to get ready for school/work, Joshua following close behind me questioned, "Why does everyone have to pretend they love each other on Valentine's Day?"

So here I am, on Valentine's Day morning,
~ Having woken before anyone else to cook a warm breakfast to be ready before Mike and Megan need to leave.
~ Having lovingly written on umpteen million construction paper hearts and taped throughout the pathway to the kitchen.
~ Having placed a small little surprise on everybody's breakfast plate (including my own).
~Having given a good shot at helping my children feel love and give love on the day supposedly set apart for LOVE.

And then Mike gets one upped by me because he isn't quite as volatile as yours truly, and then Joshua thinks all our expressions of love are a giant facade?

Guess Megan's earlier comment, "Gotta love Valentine's Day at our house" really does apply.

Oh but Luke, believe it or not, Luke (who was previously skating on thin ice with me due to his perception of my short fuse), saved the day and exclaimed,

"I think Joshua means "pretending to love everyone" meaning because we have to give everyone in our classes at school Valentines not pretending to love our family."

I won't even read into it the fact that Joshua thinks he is "pretending" to love everyone rather than the hope that he truly does love everyone in his school class unconditionally.

And that's what Valentine's Day is around here.
Loving your family (some more than others because they aren't as prone to madness), and pretending to love  the kids in your school class.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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