Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating the Patriotic Way

The morning of President's Day (a holiday that marks the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln), somebody asked Megan and me what we were doing for the day "off." When we told him we were going to a party/dinner with a patriotic program, he kind of laughed and replied, "I didn't know anyone actually celebrated President's Day!"

It's funny, because even though it was my mother-in-law's idea to have this little party, it is TOTALLY something I would have thought of doing, and I loved everything about it. (Well except the fact that the other cousins didn't come.)

Everyone was instructed to come ready to perform something patriotic on their new stage. (The children LOVE the stage--I would have too as a child. I'm actually working up the nerve to perform something on it one of these days.)
Joshua couldn't stop smiling while he recited the pledge.

Megan eventually stopped laughing long enough to perform Yankee Doodle Dandy on the recorder.
Ellie told us the history of the song, America, The Beautiful and then sang it for us kneeling down. Not quite sure about the kneeling down part.
Luke read us his report on Thomas Jefferson that was coincidentally due at school this week, and displayed his Thomas Jefferson model made out of a soda bottle.
Let's pause for a moment and look at that cool bi-fold backdrop. Isn't that awesome? I LOVE my mother-in-laws love of America. (As long as she isn't asking me what I know about it.)

Drew got stage fright at the last minute, which so isn't like him and was thus excused from performing.
After the performances we commenced with a game of Pictionary-America Themed and then a What You Know About America, Jeopardy style.This is where I REALLY regretted the other family members not showing up. The teams consisted of my family with the questions administered by Laurie and Steve. I tell you, my in-laws KNOW America. I was hoping for questions like, "What color is the US flag?" or "What is the capital of the United States?" Neither of which were asked.

Perhaps my knowledge (or lack of) demonstrated throughout the game were part of the reason I left their house on Monday night with stacks of books to read up on before my trip to Boston this spring. (With my mother-in-law no less!)

And yes, in case you hadn't noticed, we were all wearing red, white and blue.

What a way to celebrate President's Day!
I think it should become a tradition.

Except for the What You Know About America game.


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