Monday, February 18, 2013

The Successful Pig

I don't do Pinterest. Not that I have anything against it, but I feel like I spend enough time on the computer for various tasks, that I've chosen not to add one more thing to my computer time.

Don't be too fooled by that noble explanation. The more accurate reason I avoid Pinterest is because the few times Megan has showed me something on it, my blood pressure rises as she scrolls through pages and pages of stuff until she finds the recipe or craft that is soooo important that I see at that exact moment.

With or without any Pinterest interests of my own, Megan and I laughed out loud when we watched this video together recently: 16 Hilarious Pinterest FAILS.

I think I laughed just as hard, actually maybe even harder as Joshua walked into school on Valentine's Day last week proudly carrying his Valentine's box.

First of all, let me clarify that I was NOT happy when I realized that for the first time in my parenting of school aged children, somebody needed MORE than just Valentines for their class.

Second of all, I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day being celebrated in school.

Third of all, I'm not a fan of having had to help prepare (or buy) 101 Valentine's (NO EXAGGERATION) for 4 of my children.

Back to Joshua's Valentine's box.

He wanted a goat shaped box. I informed him that wasn't going to happen. So after a little bit of research (with Pinterest I may add), we came up with this cute idea that Joshua deemed a suitable substitute for a goat.
(I'm not sure how to give credit for the photo. We found it HERE.)

Fortunately I had a vinegar bottle on hand that was almost empty.

Unfortunately, Megan was sick with a migraine that day and had no interest in helping.

Fortunately, Joshua was very eager to do most of the work himself.

Unfortunately, I am not a big Valentine's Day fan nor am I very crafty, therefore I had no interest in the pig being too fancy.

Fortunately, Joshua was pleased as punch and as proud as ever of his finished project.

Unfortunately, as Joshua was walking proudly into school carrying The Pig, he walked alongside children with definite Pinterest-type-Valentine-boxes, of which I'm sure not a single Kindergartener helped with.

Fortunately, Joshua didn't ever seem to notice that his Pig actually could have been a part of the aforementioned video, 16 Hilarious Pinterest FAILS.

Unfortunately, The Pig is still sitting on my desk and I don't have the heart to throw it away yet.

Fortunately, The Pig will be a favorite family Valentine's memory for years to come.

Unfortunately, I think The Pig's days on my desk are numbered, and he may meet the garbage can any day now.

Fortunately, though The Pig would certainly be considered a Pinterest FAIL, The Pig was a definite success as far as highlighting the individuality, confidence and pride of a certain little 5 year old.

Unfortunately, my other children are going to be mortified that I publicly posted photos of The Pig. They were already quite mortified that I even let Joshua take The Pig to school.

Maybe they could learn a thing or two from Joshua and The Pig.


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