Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day, AKA Provo Day

Our opportunity to go to the MTC  coincided with Father's Day, and the day Megan needed to check into BYU for a Summer Music Festival (more on that later). After our Father's Day festivities that morning, albeit slightly rushed, as Mike decided that was his one day a year he was going to sleep in, we headed down to Provo.

We were not able to attend the MTC as a full family (thank goodness!). Mike and the three younger children could have stayed home and attended our own church, or even attended one of the million church services in Provo, but instead they played hooky from church services, and enjoyed exploring the many parks (with play toys) of Provo while Megan, Luke, and I got some religion.

It turned out to be a pleasant day. One of those days that made me smile. Of course it wasn't without fighting and bickering in the car, or any of the other dramas that occur when a family of seven embarks on a field trip.
(Provo LDS temple)

We enjoyed a picnic at a park, actually I think it was a school playground, but all the same to the children.

Somewhere along Mike and the children's explorations of the BYU campus, Drew acquired a sprinkler flag with BYU on it. It was funny when Drew said to Luke, "I do like BYU now not Utah." (Referring to the University of Utah/BYU rivalry.) I'm actually still trying to figure out how Drew even knows a rivalry exists, I'm sure it is due to having a big brother.
We were able to visit Mike's Uncle Sherm and Aunt Karen while we were in Provo. Later that night, the visit to "Uncle Sherm's" was among the top highlights of each of the children's report of the day. I think it was the 3 bowls of candy Aunt Karen laid out on the coffee table for them, but the children maintain it wasn't the candy. It was a very enjoyable time we spent with them, wish we saw more of them.
(Uncle Sherm took this family photo of us. Why didn't we think to take a photo of them in it!?!)

Upon arriving home late Sunday evening, sans Megan. Mike and I sat outside on the patio while the 4 children played remarkably well together for quite some time. Eating left-over ice cream cake from our Father's Day celebration the night before with my parents, I suddenly realized I never got our traditional photo of Mike and the children on Father's Day.

But then I realized, Mike was the mastermind behind much of Sunday's goodness. He willingly explored parks and the BYU campus with the younger children, he initiated the visit with his aunt and uncle, he kept the picnic food and sandwich cutting under control, and kept spirits high by doing questionable (to me) activities like driving on the BYU stadium sidewalk much to the glee of the children, and other such Mike things.

A good dad in action is far more touching on Father's Day, than a photo with children. My children are pretty lucky kids.


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