Monday, August 17, 2009

'Poor' Megan

Note to Megan: If your father has a college degree in ECONOMICS, don't tell him you are going to do a bake sale to earn money.

After Megan's long, busy day of baking, packaging and delivering, she was anxious to count her money. Mike however, had other plans. First, Megan got a 45 minute lesson in running a business.

(Though Megan wasn't really interested), she learned about income and expenses. Mike made a big long list of all the overhead expenses; electricity, oven, mixer, spatulas, etc. and then the direct expenses; butter, salt, sugar, flour, etc.

Megan sat patiently in her seat as the list kept getting longer. Her quiet glances at me said, "Are you on my side or his?" Her only out loud question was finally, "Are you going to charge me for all of that?"

Megan and I both waited with bated breath. Is he?

No-he was simply teaching her a lesson.
(She was charged only for the four ingredients we had to specifically go to the store and buy.)

Even after savings and tithing, her income wasn't too shabby. When questioned whether she'd do it again:

"I don't know."

Not sure if her uncertainty to repeat the bake sale is because of the economics lesson or all the clean-up Mom made her do!


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