Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday BFF!

(March 1993, after "walking" to Mexico in dresses)

Who would have ever thought that 19 years after my junior year in high school math, that the girl who used to apply lip gloss while looking into her 'Guess' watch (that happened to double as a mirror), would become and still be my best friend!!??!

We were best friends during high school, best friends during college at the University of Utah, (even during her brief stint at Iowa State, oops, I mean Weber State), best friends as newly weds, and still best friends as moms.

I could go on for hours listing some of the highlights of our friendship over the years. Some happy, some sad, and some in-between. And though, most reading this will not get any of these. Melanie will-and as it is her birthday, it is she that I will make smile (and probably laugh!)

49 cent special at Taco Bell
Spanish Bread
Tyler & the Chicken Pox
Grapes with bumps
Total Eclipse of the Heart
One of us moving to Texas (can't remember which one?) and thus having our photo taken at Olan Mills. (I searched HIGH AND LOW for that photo!!!)
Singing Consider the Lilies in Sacrament Meeting
Our cookie list
'Borrowing' bagels
Temple hair

There are other things I could mention, but I'm not sure the statute of limitations on some things, and therefore I will keep quiet . . .

I would like to say that we have grown out of being 'Mel and Tiff', but one my kids walked into the computer room a couple of months ago and saw us laughing our heads off while 'chi-ing' our hair in front of a You-Tube video, I know we will always have the ability to be 'Mel and Tiff.' But for the most part now, we have to be responsible grown-ups! I was never blessed with a sister, Melanie is the closest thing I've got!

(Pathetic this is the most recent photo of us together and it was taken in January 2005!!)

(Meet me at ZCMI)


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