Friday, August 28, 2009

Finders Keepers

Earlier in the week, I threw away the 'princess stamp' that met Mike's underwear somewhere during the spin cycle. Why not my underwear I wonder, but no, had to be his!?

(Laundry Disclaimer: Underwear in our house get washed alone, but somehow Ellie's white shorts accidentally got put in the batch too. Thus pink splotches . . .)

The next day, I removed the debit card from the dryer. It got me thinking, what really goes in the washing machine and dryer?

I love laundry.
I love the sorting.
I love the switching.
I love the folding.
I don't really like the putting away.

I do not like and I DO NOT check pockets.

So, if you don't want your temple recommend, or your toys, or your $20 bill birthday money, or your pocket-knife, or your receipts, or some important phone number washed, THEN REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR POCKETS.

Note to Cabelas-I am very impressed with your pocketknife/flashlight combo. It can be washed numerous times and still work. Just a thought, maybe I could earn some extra spending money and advertise for you?

Note to Husband-How in the world are you ever supposed to spontaneously show up with flowers or chocolate for the Dear Wife, when your only access to any money is the debit card that has been sitting in my "finders keepers basket" for almost a week?

Does everyone else check pockets or am I just lazy?


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