Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Synopsis: Megan & Luke

School starts in less than a week. I can HONESTLY say that during the 10+ weeks of summer, I have never heard the words "I'm bored" from my children.

(Besides the fact that "I'm bored" is a phrase that receives punishment or chores at our house,) I think it is because my kids take after their father. Their attitude:

"There is ALWAYS something to do."

We don't own a single video game system, we have no cable/dish network, and we have never purchased a DVD for our children. Our TV has probably been on less than 5 hours the whole summer. With a new baby and a toddler, we don't do a lot of field trips. With a seasonal job, we don't do a lot of summer vacations either. Surprisingly, we get negative comments from a lot of people for these things.

Though I may be biased, I have yet to meet any other children with quite as much personality, creativity and uniqueness as my own.

Megan's summer has been filled with cooking (thus Monday's bake sale). Last week we ate homemade chicken enchiladas courtesy of Megan. (YUM!) This summer, Megan has helped sew herself a dress, almost learned the original version of 'Memory' on the piano, and has had 4-5 babysitting jobs (not counting her own siblings!). She carefully planned out and hosted a late night with 5 giggly girls, complete with crafts, games and food. If Megan isn't playing with a friend, the sounds of the piano are always filling our house.
We love Megan. She is responsible, she is kind, she is polite. We know wherever she goes, she will behave well.
Megan. Really, is there a better first-born child than Megan?
Luke lives outside, he is usually dressed and out the door by 8:30am, he eats lunch outside, we usually eat dinner outside, and so grudgingly, by 9pm he is dragged inside the house.
Yesterday, was a typical example of how Luke has spent his summer. He called Daddy at work to ask if he could build "a wall." Next thing I know, he has this little wall/desk/hiding spot/cave/whatever else a 71/2 year old boys calls things.
Yesterday afternoon, no neighbor kids were around. It was quiet in our neck of the woods. I went outside to check on Luke and there he sat, with his notebook open, drawing on his wall-turned-desk. He even invited me to peek inside. All the supplies he may need ready at his disposal:
(We won't even mention the 'clothes line' he hung in the yard to hang his coyote skin, racoon hat, etc. from.)

We love Luke. He is active, he is loud, he is excited. He has an enthusiasm for life that even surpasses his dads.

And that is pretty hard to beat.

Tomorrow: Drew...


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