Thursday, August 20, 2009

Few Facts About Joshua

I taught Joshua to say his name early this summer. I was so proud of myself that when I asked, "What's your name?" He would reply with his version of Joshua.

Only problem is. His version has stuck and has become his nickname.

We say it more than we say Joshua. We are so used to it, that we don't think anything of it, until we say it in public and people look at us strange when we call him by a girl name.


"I fissing. It biting. Time go home now."

Current things to remember about Joshua:

Most frequent request: "Want holds"
2nd most frequent request: "Want chocolate milk"
3rd most frequent request: "Want more Otter Pop"

Most frequent sound: whining
2nd most frequent sound: giggling
3rd most frequent sound: "Dewie wake"

Most frequently found: In Luke's shadow
2nd place most frequently found: In Drew's face
3rd place most frequently found: Whining at mom

Everytime we see the temple the dialogue goes like this:
Joshua: "I see temple. Go there someday?"
Mom: "Yes Joshua, to...?"
Joshua: "Feel holy spirit and OBEY"


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