Friday, May 18, 2012

Better Late than Never

It's a few days late, but for my own sake, I don't want to forget Mother's Day 2012.
Now, don't start getting worried that I'm going to regale you with tales of Mother's Day at our house that will leave you feeling as though your special day was a total flop. I won't.

I have no tales of breakfast-in-bed, perfectly behaved children or my time spent being pampered. Instead, I'll tell you about the hand-written note that said, "I'm glad you were invented" and the game of hot potato we all played while sitting under the trampoline, and the nap that Mike and I took on the grass in the shade of the shed. (My nap lasted about 10 minutes until I seemed to be the one a child urgently needed, which was actually just fine. I'm not a fan of naps, and that was probably the first one I've taken in a year.)

I'll skip the part about being completely confused whether it was Mother's Day or Father's Day when Mike "completely vanished" and wasn't to be found anywhere. I finally told a child to look for him in Drew's bedroom. A place nobody had thought to look for him previously because they know it is a strict rule not to go into the bedroom during Drew's naptime. Mike had snuck in there to finish up the nap that didn't last as long as he had hoped outside in the shade of the shed. (Not sure if Mike's first nap was interrupted because of the shade turning to full sun, or the wife whining that she had been summoned to wipe a bum and not him.)

I'll tell you about the interview Mike video-ed of Joshua and me, and Joshua responding to Mike's question of how much I weigh with, "36 inches." I'll tell you about my children gathered around me trying to get everyone to smile for a photo.
I won't tell you about the mini-tantrum I had when I realized one of the best photos of us all actually smiling nicely and looking at the camera had Megan doing 'bunny ears' to me. It was deleted during part of the tantrum. Even though now, several days later I probably could (almost) laugh about it.

I can't tell you of serious, heartfelt expressions of love as we spent plenty of hours together all Sunday afternoon. Although I will tell you about the unrestrained laughter when Luke made a completely innocent (but hilarious to Mike and me) comment about the word "ass" found in the Book of Mormon scripture verse we were reading.

I have no tales of flower bouquets, pedicures or massages. But I will tell you about the painted handprint butterfly print Drew made for me in his nursery class at church. (Bless those nursery leaders! It is one of my all-time favorite Mother's Day gifts.) I'll tell you about the homemade heartfelt letters I received from everyone except Drew. I'll tell you about the Milky Way candy bar and box of Hot Tamales that were lovingly picked out for me. (I'll skip the part about Mike opening the Hot Tamales and eating most of the box himself.)

It was one of my absolute favorite Mother's Days ever.

It was perfect in a completely imperfect way.


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