Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nothing Special, Just Life

Before too long, the lazy days of summer will be upon us. I can't wait. Well I say that, but there is a likely possibility that by mid-day on Monday I'll be wishing some or all of my children were back in school.
With the warmer weather lately, Joshua has preferred flip-flops and shorts to his Wrangler's and boots. Although he spent everyday last week, hot temperatures or not, in his long pants and boots being a cowboy. His gun and hat didn't leave his side for days, and on the rainy day, the back of the couch served him well as a make-shift horse.
Speaking of Joshua, he graduated from pre-school. Which if you remember is a major pet-peeve of both mine and Mike's. Graduations are clearly over-done, and I preferred to view it simply as an "end of year program." Mike was not disappointed in the least that his schedule precluded him from attending. 

Please note Joshua's hair that (still) needs to be cut that stuck out of his "papa bear" hat. (Please further note that I may break down today and take Joshua to the hairdresser's to get his hair cut. Another pet-peeve of Mike's, but it will likely be long enough for a ponytail before Mike gets around to cutting it himself.
Megan and I took Ellie to get some photos done for Ellie's baptism invitations. Ellie plopped down on the grass and began a reading pose with the Book of Mormon prop Megan had brought along. It ended up being my favorite photo. I could have left you to think my children naturally gravitate towards spiritual nourishment and she was genuinely reading and not posing. But after the moans and groans I heard on Sunday when I suggested we put the Book of Mormon CD in while in the car, it is safe to say they do not (yet?) love reading from the Book of Mormon.
(And yes, I have no problem admitting that. More Mormons should.)
Megan and I spent far too much time (and money) at City Creek Shopping Center on Saturday. Megan is at a really fun age to go shopping with, and I love how wise and thoughtful she is about spending her money.  I felt like we literally shopped until we dropped. My tiredness was exasperated further when Megan kept appearing outside my dressing room door saying, "Just try this one on for fun too." I don't try clothes on for fun.
Luke insisted that he was not tired after waking up at 4am for a hike on Monday morning. But when I left him to unload groceries from the suburban while I hurried inside to take care of my rising bread dough, I found him 20 minutes later like this. He was fast asleep.
Drew has a funny fascination with acting like animals. It is not uncommon to see him kneeling up on the counter or table eating his food directly from the bowl with his mouth. And he has been known to sing songs and even pray in animal sounds. He is most often a dog, goat or horse. Typically he does his animal re-enactments in just his underwear, but on occasion he loves to pull out this size18-month horse costume. The too small costume is a far better alternative than his oft-heard declaration, "Animals don't wear unner-wear", which is essentially his request to play completely naked. (I decline that particular request.)
I've tried having the conversation with him that animals really don't drive cars either. But he doesn't seem to care.
And that's us.


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