Sunday, May 20, 2012


Fortunately the real birthday was much better than the birthday party the day before.

It all began with the traditional "open presents on Mom and Dad's bed" routine. Typically I allow the birthday child to wake everyone up whenever they wake up to begin the celebrations. (Remember I LOVE birthdays and have instilled in my children the "it is so hard to sleep the night before one's birthday" issue.) Ellie's Sunday morning birthday came far too early following an extremely long week for all of us, and I felt mildly guilty about sending her to watch television alone until 7:30am. By then the guilt was preventing me from sleeping any longer and the celebrations began!

(This photo is proof enough how much I have relaxed in many areas of my life. I used to make sure the night before birthdays that my children were wearing cute, appropriate pajamas for pictures on birthday morning. The fact that this year Ellie was wearing snowman/winter pajamas in May made me crinch just slightly as compared to times when I have been known to launder pajamas the day before a birthday to make sure they are wearing cute ones.)

I can't believe I just admitted that!!!

Besides a two-hour church meeting (Stake Conference) Ellie wasn't too excited about, it was a pretty swell day. Ellie loved sewing with her new sewing machine, and told us the time every few minutes with her new "slapwrist" watch. She looked darling in her new outfit, and nobody knew she stuffed tissues in the toes of her new shoes that were a tad too big.

Unfortunately, I'm trying to simplify my life in many areas, and I didn't take as many photos of the day as I typically do. That's okay--it's the mind memories, right? The pizza dinner with grandparents was a pretty good way to celebrate her special day. Ellie was delighted with her "blue 8 cake with pink dots" that she has been awaiting for several weeks now. Not to mention the "#8" candle she has been asking for since February.
Throw in the traditional Pass-the-Parcel game, an exciting game of Musical Chairs and plenty of time to sit around playing, talking, and of course sewing. It was a pretty great day. Including a photo with Grandpa Steve, whose birthday she shares.

At 7:45pm, we hooped and hollered as Ellie's official birth-time was recognized and she innocently looked up at me from her bed and very seriously asked, "Did all my body switch to 'eights' now?" It was humorous and endearing all mixed to one.

Ellie is EIGHT!


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