Monday, May 7, 2012

Organs and Jumps

One Sunday when Megan was about three years old, she sat at our upright piano in our home in American Fork and with one finger started playing out a catchy tune of a popular hymn we had sung in church earlier that day. ("Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel")

It was the beginning of a few self-taught years of piano before she began taking piano lessons formally at age 7. Since quitting piano lessons at age 12 to focus more on the harp, Megan has accompanied (on the piano) our church choir two times and has been teaching piano students for a little over a year.

And so it really shouldn't have come as too much of a shock, but it still did--when the other week our Bishop (the head of our local church congregation) asked Megan if she would be our church organist!!!???? With absolutely no talking to us, Megan confidently accepted the Bishop's call to serve.

My heart was pounding quickly the day Megan stood in our Sacrament Meeting as the members of our congregation raised their hands to sustain and support Megan in this new endeavor. I felt a mixture of pride and nerves for my firstborn who had just been called to a new church calling despite the fact she had never laid hands on an organ before.

She's played the prelude and postlude a couple of times now, but her debut congregation singing accompanying performance will be May 13--Mother's Day. I know I will be far more nervous than she will be, but I am excited for her to stretch herself and do something hard. She knows she has been blessed with particular talents and she is an example to me as I watch her talents multiply as she uses them wisely.

Between her learning to play the organ this month and doing the long-jump on the track team at school I will think twice before I say to myself, "I'm not sure I can do that, it seems kind of hard."

What a girl!


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