Sunday, June 3, 2012

(Not Cute) Polka Dots

I've asked myself the same question several times since my friend  Kari asked me it originally late Friday night, "Megan is such a responsible girl, whatever possessed her to do such a thing?"

Let me give a little background to the question.

Last Thursday night, Luke got tired of waiting around for Mike to give him a haircut and while Mike worked outside in the yard, Luke gave himself a haircut. Really, no big deal at all. When your typical hair cut consists of a few swipes of the hair clippers, it isn't too difficult. It did require some touching up by Mike later on, but for the most part, Luke did a great job being self-sufficient. (If you don't count the hair all over my bathroom rug.)

Somehow though, (this is where it all gets kind of blurry for me and Mike) Megan and Luke thought it would be fun to let her and her friends put "Nair" (hair removal cream) in his hair on the last day of school. So I guess Thursday night, Megan and Luke made some sort of plan for Friday afternoon. Unbeknownst to Mike and me.

Although, I must interject-Mike claims at some point he declared, "No! I don't think that is a good idea."

On Friday evening while Mike and I (and even my parents) were getting ready for our large neighborhood scone party we host every year, I was "aware" that Luke was walking around with "lotion" circles on his head, but it just didn't seem to process. The act of getting ready to feed 65+ people scones out of dutch ovens on our driveway was forefront in my mind. Not lotion headed boys.

I honestly can't really remember exactly what happened next. I think I went into a state of shock when Luke removed his blue baseball cap and exclaimed, "Look what Megan did to me?"


All I could think about was the fact that 18 hours later Luke was due to stand up in front of a largish crowd in a church meeting to say the opening prayer at Ellie's baptism. Not to mention the nice family photo I was hoping to get of the special occasion.

Back to the polka dot hairdo.
Hmm yea.
We didn't quite know what to do.

My brother in California summed it up pretty well in his response to the picture text my mother sent him, "YIKES!"

There really wasn't any time to deal with the polka dots right then and there. People were showing up on our driveway expecting hot scones and so Luke tried to discreetly keep a hat on his head for the duration of the scone party. Unfortunately, word kept getting out to more and more people, and who didn't want to catch a glimpse of such a sight?

Oh boy! An already short buzz cut, with a few completely bald to the skin polka dots decorating his head, made for lots of tempted fingers to touch it. Luke put a quick stop to that after the first few "rubs", as his skin was getting slightly irritated from the mixture of Nair, bald skin, and curious hands.
Where was Megan in all this?
Behind the scenes. A little bit in shock herself that her idea of a little funny joke had gone slightly awry. Not to mention quite embarrassed that this wasn't just a little family incident, but one that  50+ neighbors were well aware of too.

The next morning, when Luke entered my bedroom, I lifted my head from my pillow disappointed to realize the polka dot head wasn't a bad dream. Instead, after an extremely late night and a sleeping late morning, I realized we had about four hours to not only get ready for another party of 50+ family members/friend joining us for a post-baptism celebration, but we had to fit in some time to do something with his head.

My dear brother James came to the rescue. To make a long story short, James took Luke to a local barber shop and Luke was given an old fashioned shave. Megan will be receiving a bill for the barber's fee. I think she is expecting to charge Luke for half of the bill.
Luke's head is now very bald. Not to mention, very white. Hats and sunscreen will be a must for several days.
We still keep wondering exactly what both Megan AND Luke were thinking? And Mike has asked the children over and over what exactly they thought he meant when he said, "No! I don't think that is a good idea." 

My cousin, RJ is about the only one that has proven to be on Megan's side, and declared Megan and Luke even when reminding us of the yellow snow incident.

Polka dot heads.
Yellow snow.
Megan and Luke.
Heaven help us all.


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