Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Social Media Type Life

We pretty much live a charmed life around here. Our summer afternoons are spent sitting around our patio table, sipping homemade lemonade. Making homemade lemonade has been on Megan's bucket list for the last two summers, she finally did it this summer. We didn't just drink the lemonade in boring old cups though. We had lemonade in mason jars, with cute decorated paper straws that Megan purchased and has been saving for the "right occasion". A strawberry was added to the jar for effect.

What a glorious afternoon!
This is where our Social Media Type Life ends.

Me saying it was a glorious afternoon??
That was a joke.

Nobody really liked the lemonade. Joshua and Ellie complained about their paper straws getting soggy. Luke was irritated he had a strawberry on his jar when Megan knows he doesn't like strawberries. Drew was begging for an Oreo cookie he'd seen in the cupboard earlier that day.

As for me?
I ended up cleaning up the mess.
Yes! Those would be Oreo crumbs around Drew's mouth... Sometimes you have to give into incessant whining.


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