Monday, July 15, 2013

Luke's Additions

When I took my family for their debut visit to Chinatown a couple of months ago, I had high hopes it would become a highlight of their lives. That hope was dashed pretty much as soon as we got to Chinatown. The looks on their faces and their lack of enthusiasm about the town made me quickly realize, few others share my passion for the place.

One thing did perk up Luke's sour attitude during our visit though.
Miniature turtles, sold in little carrying cases for $5.00.

$5.00 for turtles????
Luke saw those things and had to have them.
"That is so cheap."
"Look at that. You couldn't buy those anywhere for that price."
"I've always wanted miniature turtles."

Only problem was we were 600+ miles from home AND we had flown. Luke, well aware of the "no liquid" rule through security was trying to creatively strategize a plan to get the turtles through security briefly without water, and ultimately get them home to the fish tank in his bedroom.

Mike wouldn't even hear of Luke's plans and quickly put a halt to Luke mentioning them one more time. There are a fair number of shops in Chinatown, and I swear every single one of them touts miniature turtles sold in little carrying cases for $5.00 on the sidewalks out front of the shops. Out of ear-shot of Mike, Luke, knowing I am (at times) a little more lenient about certain things, talked non-stop to me about those miniature turtles and how he just had to have them, and couldn't we please get them home with us somehow on the plane.

Lenient at times or not, there was NO WAY I was going to add turtles to our traveling party of seven. And I told Luke so, right there on the streets of the LA Chinatown. Uncle Casey sensing the rising tension, suggested he could possibly bring turtles to Utah next time he came. Luke was satisfied with Casey's suggestion. Although, Luke interpreted it as a commitment.

Not having a definite answer as to when Casey would make a visit to Utah next, Luke spent the first couple of weeks home from our California trip searching the local online classifieds, and every local pet store for miniature turtles...with no luck.

Once Luke gets an idea in his mind. It doesn't leave. We heard about turtles, questions about when Casey was coming to Utah next and random turtle trivia at least 623 times a day, every day that followed our visit to Chinatown.

And then...
Glory of all glories.

Casey made plans to come to Utah over the 4th of July...but only as far as St. George, 4 hours south of us. Despite Luke's begging, we couldn't swing the trip for our family to meet them there for an extended family vacation, but my parents could and did. That was enough for Luke. Casey could buy turtles in Chinatown in LA, drive them to St. George, and Nana and Grandpa could bring them home.

While my parents, my two brothers, their wives and daughters...and two turtles enjoyed a long weekend together last week in St. George, I had to listen to Luke, as he anxiously awaited, and talked non-stop about his two turtles that were half-way on their journey home to the fish-tank atop his bedside table.

Every few minutes Luke would ask me to text Casey or my dad instructions about how to care for the turtles, what they should eat, how much water they should live in, etc. etc. etc. It was like some form of slow torture, hearing non-stop about something I care NOTHING ABOUT.
The smile on Luke's face last week, when he finally took possession of the dang turtles was, as it always is with him: trying so hard to suppress it, which is actually probably a good thing, because if he just gave in to the giant smile, his face would surely have cracked from the sheer size of it.

I've only been asked to come to his room and watch them doing some kind of fascinating turtle activity about 4,597 times. I have yet to share the same enthusiasm for the turtles that Luke has.

I guess we're even. After all, he didn't share my enthusiasm for Chinatown.
Well, except for the miniature turtles sold in little carrying cases for $5.00 part of Chinatown.


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