Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Another Summer Eve

The other day when the valley temperatures were soaring above triple digits, I suggested to Mike we should spend the evening up a nearby canyon that we have frequented in years past. It has been a while since we visited this particular canyon, that holds some fun family memories for us.

Knowing the temperatures would be much more pleasant in the canyon, Mike readily agreed. This canyon evening expedition of ours, just happened to fall a few days after the purchase of our new suburban. Which of course was absolutely deemed a NO-NO for muddy wet children playing in a canyon stream. So we pulled out our old less than reliable-have-to-press-the-gas-and-brakes-just-right-when-idling suburban for this particular trek up a mountainside where there is no cell phone reception.

Turns out the car worked out just fine for us.
Turns out it was a dang good thing we chose to take the old car...
Because somebody granted permission for us to take a long an extra body for our FAMILY outing...

I totally thought Mike was joking when I heard him answer in the affirmative Luke's question about whether Dudley could join us for our evening canyon adventure.

A goat on a family outing to the canyon?

"Oh, but Mom. He is training to be a pack goat. It will be really good practice for him."

Because I am so concerned about Dudley getting practice as a pack goat, for all the times we may need to have him pack our belongings up the side of a mountain.

Besides. If Dudley went a long the other evening for practice, how come I was the one carrying the lawn chairs, towels, and tray of Rice Krispie treats?
Our visits to Farmington Canyon, for some reason always mean making "hot tubs" out of the running creek. We visit a fair number of canyons and creeks, but none elicit the hot tub making efforts that Farmington Canyon always does.

Dudley apparently got preferential treatment. When somebody else complained it was cold when they fell in, they were told to buck up and not cry. (Joshua was told to wear his swimsuit, and chose not to!) When Dudley got wet and supposedly got "really cold"? He was taken back to the suburban and dried off with towels (plural) to keep him warm. One slight problem with that--Dudley wasn't in the count when Yours Truly counted out towels per family member.

At the end of our evening splendor, there may or may not have been a few family members that were wet and chilled from sitting in a "hot tub" made from a mountain stream and were upset that they (depending on their placement on the germaphobe scale)

a. didn't have a towel to use
b. didn't have a towel to use that wasn't already slightly damp from drying of a GOAT

I'm no longer sure where exactly we fall as a family on a "normal" scale.


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