Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camping with Cousins

We recently attended an extended Sowby Family Campout, with Mike's side of the family. Everyone was in attendance except his brother and family living in Kentucky, and a missionary nephew in New Hampshire. Not everyone "camped", as far as sleeping in the canyon, but braving the rain, mud and campfire smoke certainly qualifies.
(I was there! I was taking the photo.)
At one point I glanced over and saw Mike's parents, Steve and Laurie sitting in their chairs next to each other. It was a relatively quiet moment (rare for that size of a crowd), and as I looked at them, I couldn't help but think what a joyous occasion this camp-out must be for them. All that could, attended. Although I think they were probably sitting in their chairs enjoying a tiny respite from the goings-on of the camp, I imagined them feeling pride and satisfaction in a family enjoying being together. I know I quickly looked ahead and wondered how I would feel with my five children and their spouses and children gathered together doing nothing more than enjoying being together.
Nobody bailed, despite the dark clouds and pouring rain. (I'd say no one complained, but unfortunately before I even greeted my father-in-law, I spewed forth my opinion to him about the distance of the camp from the parking lot with  water, food, tents, pads, etc. for 7 people. Oops!)

Drew enjoyed riding in the wheelbarrow down the trail to get loads from the car.
And then he was put to work coming back up.
Not only was I still pretty irritated by the distance in from the car at this point, I was carrying a 5 gallon water jug AND hearing non-stop dialogue from Luke about such things as how much horse poop weighs. I wish I was kidding about that conversation topic, but I'm not!
Joshua promptly began collecting a stash of "treasures"...
Mike began leveling a spot for the tent,
Don't let his hard work fool you too much. He did plenty of this too...
It was a pleasant family activity. My only complaint about it? I promised my father-in-law I wouldn't have any more, but here it is--I wish it had been longer!


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