Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mike's Day

Typically, I don't enjoy Mike's birthdays much. (Remember HERE and HERE?)

It's because I try to make it a big deal, and he doesn't care much about it, and then I get irritated that I put in the effort and irritated that he doesn't love his birthday! (A serious personality flaw I may add. I mean WHO doesn't LOVE their birthday?)

A few weeks ago, Mike was excited to realize his birthday was going to fall on a Saturday. I suggested perhaps we could scatter the children across grandparents for an over-nighter.  Although the babysitting was arranged, (Thanks to my parents, we didn't have to scatter them!) Mike and I still weren't quite sure what we were going to do. Finally, in an attempt to put some effort into his birthday--I pressed him for some ideas of what he would enjoy doing.

His reply? "Dinner with Kari and Kellen (some awesome friends of ours) and see if they want to do an over-nighter with us."

Mike thoroughly enjoyed his birthday last weekend and SO DID I! The secret? Don't really plan anything special. Here's how it planned out.

Mike, Kari, Kellen and I headed up to Park City last Friday evening. We ate at our favorite Park City restaurant (of course outside!), and then enjoyed the evening together laughing, talking, hot tubbing, playing cards, eating ice cream, etc.

(ever wonder if you are the center of a stranger's photo!?)

A few of the highlights that won't mean anything to anyone that wasn't there include:

~ Mike announcing during a card game that he "settled for me." (I'm still hoping his comment just so happened to "come out wrong."

~ Eating ice cream in the hot tub.

~ Checking our blood pressures at a grocery store, and mine being dangerously high (Everyone was making me laugh, so I made people walk away to re-do it, so I could rule out the risk of me killing over any second. Remember, I'm a worrier.)

~ Kellen getting lost in the grocery store and the cashier paging him to come to register 2.

~The case of water cracking the fridge.

~ Our religious discussion that didn't quite go as planned.

~ Kellen getting locked in our bedroom.

~ The horribly clogged toilet at one of Deer Valley's most prestigious resorts

Although I was disappointed to wake up on Saturday morning, Mike's official birthday, and not have any fanfare of balloons, a birthday hat, or presents. I had to remind myself it was HIS birthday and not mine. After a relaxing morning, we eventually returned home to real life.

After a few presents, Mike went to a car dealership to run an errand. (Who runs errands on their birthday besides Mike!?) Turns out there was a Corvette car show, and of course (old) Corvettes are Mike's favorite cars. What a serendipitous birthday opportunity! Mike and the little boys returned home hours later, after the car show, learning how to use our new suburbans features, and stopping by a friend's work shop and the little boys carving wooden guns.

We later went to a favorite curry restaurant for dinner and finished up the evening on the back patio with my parents. Mike declared it one of his best birthdays in a long time, and I couldn't help but agree.

No balloons, few presents, a relaxing schedule, and just one mandatory birthday tradition request from me--he had to wear the birthday hat for blowing out the candle on his ice cream pie. (His preference. Meaning the ice cream pie, NOT the hat!)

And all I captured of it is this blurry photo.
Oh well.
It isn't a big deal to him, so I'm not making it a big deal to me.

Here's to low-key birthdays...
For Mike only.


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