Monday, March 3, 2014

A Surprise

Last Monday morning Joshua (and Drew) were awakened early. Joshua wasn't happy to be rushed along being pressured to get dressed and eat breakfast in a timely manner. He was tired, and not very co-operative. The poor kid was obviously confused as to what the early rush was about and began to cry. Mike realized it was time to announce the secret, and while the girls each held a recording device, Mike announced, "If you're so sad and don't want to go to school today. How about you go to Disneyland instead?"

The long awaited secret that Mike, Megan, Luke, Ellie and me had kept for weeks was finally being announced. Mom and the two little boys were going to go on a surprise trip to California, and Disneyland. The video cameras rolling in Joshua's face, and Mike's overly excited announcement proved to be too much for cranky Joshua. Believing he was being teased, Joshua's crying increased and he yelled, "No!" to Mike's suggestion. My long awaited plan was being announced and it went nothing like I had imagined. Drew on the other hand was quietly saying, "I will go to Disneyland."

It wasn't until we were driving with the airport in view that Joshua said, "I think I believe you now." Again, as the plane ascended into the sky, Joshua turned to me and with a big smile announced, "I believe you now." The next day, as we descended an escalator into the Disneyland Resort, Joshua looked at me and said, "I can't believe I didn't believe you." Drew on the other hand, never doubted.

The little boys and I spent a wonderful 4 days in California last week. Two of the days at Disneyland, and all of the days with my brother Casey, his wife Cindy and darling Cousin Lucy. Oh what fun!

It's kind of hard to put into words the magic of Disneyland and the wonders of the beach with two little boys.

Upon landing at LAX airport, Drew looked out the window and declared, "This is a big, big airport." "Yep!" I replied, "It flies planes to nearly every country in the world." Drew looked at me with big eyes and asked, "Even Utah?"

The kids LOVED seeing characters at Disneyland. Sometimes they wanted to line up and actually meet them, sometimes they were content to just see them from a distance. Joshua was always in a constant state of concern as to how the characters could see, and Drew was always questioning how they make the people so big inside them. (I think it was the tall Monsters, Inc. character that began his concern about that one.)
Carsland was the best. The best! We lined up for one hour to ride the Radiator Springs ride, and it was worth every second of standing in line. I may or may not have cried because my two boys loved it so much.
Hmmm-yeah-so I didn't get Drew's face in the photo. It was entirely because the sun was bright and I was trying to be quick. Not because I didn't want to pretend he wasn't there with us. Even though there were a few incidents I wished he wasn't. He was hard more often than I would have liked.
The boys loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Drew leaned over to me during it and said, "They are really good at building all this, huh?

Joshua insisted on waiting in line for the Storybook Adventure (?) ride. I had never been on it before, but Joshua was begging to go on it, despite my efforts to get him to choose something different. The big whale's mouth was what was enticing him...
Entering the whales's mouth is at the very beginning of the little journey, and then the boat is led through a charming series of picturesque storybook villages while the boat host tells us the well-known tales. 
I was just beginning to think the ride was worth the long wait, when Joshua announced, "This is not fun. I thought we'd go down big hills and stuff." (Go figure? His favorite ride was the Matterhorn and Space Mountain.)

Being at Disneyland with my brother's family was an extra bonus. Even if Lucy needed a cardboard sign that said, "Please donate money for my Ariel piggy bank." She was getting pretty desperate to fill that thing.

Casey had big issues that the photo at the end of the Buzz ride has the scores reversed. Who knows? Maybe 6 year old Joshua really does have a better aim than Casey?
This is my least favorite ride. Yet somehow, just as we were stepping on, Casey volunteered to take pictures  instead of ride and left me spinning to sickness with 3 children.
I could keep going with photos and commentary. Even though I'll have to do a separate post about our beach time, I think there's enough here to remember Disneyland.

On the return flight home, Joshua decided to tackle the several homework sheets he had originally said on the flight TO California, "I will do them later at the beach." One of his assignments was to write a sentence using certain vocabulary words. He wrote the following:
Although Joshua left the question unanswered, I'm fairly confident I know his answer.

Loved Joshua's "journal entry" of his Disneyland trip:


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