Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smiles Amid Barfs

We've had the stomach flu around here, and it hasn't been pretty. Megan is the only one that has escaped it so far. Mike and I had some kind of deranged synchronized throw-up schedule yesterday. We laid in bed together ALL day, with the exception of when we would each run to a separate bathroom/bucket. If we hadn't been so sick, I think we would have laughed at the synchronization. It was by far the most un-romantic amount of time Mike and I have ever spent together.

Things really went down hill around mid-day when Drew started throwing up too. Except Drew had it coming from both ends. Mike and I took unspoken turns helping him out. I'm not sure what made me cry more, the fact that it seems completely unfair that mothers are allowed to get sick, or the fact our little 4 year old nurse was now down for the count himself, and no longer at our beck and call.

Drew was asleep on the couch in our bedroom, and Mike and I were resting in bed when the germaphobe of the family, Megan came home from school. She promptly entered and exited our room in one motion, claiming she was closing and locking our bedroom doors and asked that we stay in our rooms. She then promptly began to Lysol the whole house. I was settling back into bed after another meeting of my head to a bucket and just beginning to think how silent and peaceful the afternoon routine would be with aforementioned germaphobe taking charge and not allowing anyone to interact with the sick parents (and Drew)...

When suddenly, I heard a loud commotion. This time it wasn't Mike and his throwing up (that can be heard from miles away), it was Luke arriving at the front door and yelling, "Ellie is throwing up on the bus RIGHT NOW."

I can't even remember if I started laughing or crying. It's kind of all a blur now. Luke started barfing a few hours later.

On the bright side to our otherwise not so bright day, I was receiving several emails and notifications about the new book I am a part of that was just released on Monday. Motherhood Realized: An inspiring anthology for the hardest job you'll ever love.  The initial success has been extraordinary! It is now #1 in "Motherhood" books on Amazon and yesterday afternoon was #122 in ALL of the books on Amazon. It was also on Amazon's Movers and Shakers List yesterday.
(Can you see it down there on the bottom right?)

Motherhood is far from glamorous. I can attest to that from personal experience yesterday and now today, as 6 out of  7 of us have dealt with the stomach flu. It seems sort of a funny twist of irony that amid the diarrhea and throw-up of the day, the book I'm an author in with the subtitle, "An inspiring anthology for the hardest job you'll ever love" was racing up the charts.

It certainly gave Mike and I something to smile about yesterday as we jointly parented together during times there wasn't much else to smile about.

Book Info:
Hop on over to Amazon HERE and buy a copy of the book! Or buy two or three or more! Buy one for the moms you know that would love it. We are focusing on generating orders THIS WEEK, by Saturday, March 29th. (That's what helps rank us high in lists and can potentially help us get on the NYT list.) Mother's Day is coming up in 6 weeks or one and save it for the moms you love.


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