Monday, March 24, 2014

Mothers in Albuquerque

Of all of the Power of Moms Retreats I have participated in, it seemed that the weeks leading up to the Albuquerque retreat experienced the most "hic-cups." There were a few times that we had to think seriously about whether or not to carry through with it, but I felt an underlying feeling that the Power of Moms ABQ retreat needed to go on.

And it did...


I was able to travel and present with Cheryl Cardall. This was her first time presenting at a Power of Moms Retreat and she did great! She has a passion for teaching and it showed.
These ladies made the ABQ retreat happen! Jen and Emily (on the left) attended the Phoenix retreat last fall and expressed an interest in bringing one to their hometown! And we did! Angela jumped on board to help make it happen too. Their efforts were endless. I've been involved in a lot of POM retreats, and I have to say I've never quite seen the diligence and hard work before that they put into making this happen. They never let the bumps in the road deter them. I give full credit to Jen, Emily and Angela for making the Albuquerque Retreat happen!

This lady, Barbara was our gracious host. We love to hold our Power of Moms Retreats in homes. As we talk about our families, and the things dearest to us, it is always nice to be sitting within the walls of an inviting home. Barbara's children are now grown, and we benefited from some of her wisdom and advice.
And just look at these darling babies that were part of the day! (One more left before this photo.) I love having babies in attendance at some of these retreats. It brings so many things into perspective as we see mothers in action...balancing note-taking and listening with the demands of diapers, feeding, rocking, and comforting.

The feeling it the room was powerful as we spent the day together discussing motherhood. Again, I was reminded first-hand how many wonderful women are out there in the world. I feel so privileged that I get to spend time with them so frequently. I loved the beautiful thoughts shared at the end of the day by a couple of our participants. Truly, heart-felt expressions of love and appreciation for not only motherhood, but for all of the other deliberate mothers around them.

I LOVED what one of our dear attendees, Angela who I now am happy to call a dear friend, said on Facebook the day after the retreat,

"There is something about surrounding myself with amazing women, phenomenal but imperfect mothers, that makes me feel like I am not as far as I thought I was from my end goal. Came home to my kitchen spotless and the kids happy. Perfect weekend! I am blessed."

It isn't likely that all of our attendees returned home to a spotless kitchen, (I returned home to my 6 year old having the stomach flu!) but I do hope these mothers returned home feeling as though that are wonderfully, imperfect, deliberate mothers who are doing a fabulous job in their small corners of the world.

Motherhood is beautiful. It is also hard and challenging. But there is something about these Power of Moms Retreats that always leave me feeling as though I really can conquer the difficult days ahead. Despite waking up early on Sunday morning with the need to hand my 6 year old a bucket to throw-up in, I realized this is what motherhood really is. Motherhood is the good mixed with the bad. The difficult mixed with the easy. The sad mixed with the happy, and the frustrations mixed with peace. And somehow all those juxtapositions turn motherhood into something beautiful and meaningful.

When I saw this photo, I teared up when I saw the little baby on the front row looking behind him. It's as though he is looking  in awe and wonder at all those deliberate mothers behind him!

Here's to the mom's in Albuquerque...
Love them!

In addition to an uplifting day meeting with some wonderful women, all of my prep work for the Power of Moms Albuquerque retreat finally taught me how to spell ALBUQUERQUE correct the FIRST time. Believe me, it took A LOT of times typing that word over the past 6 weeks or so to finally master that spelling the first time.


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