Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Realities of Motherhood

I'm not sure if I've been in vacation mode too much lately, or if it is just the realities of life that have me a little less cheery and smiley than I should be. I've found myself getting smacked in the face with reality one too many times in the recent days. Let me share:

~ Seeing the shocked looks on my children's faces the other morning when I announced that the first waffle in the waffle maker was for ME!

~ Looking at the family calendar on the side of the fridge and the March page has mysteriously disappeared. Of course the Shall Remain Nameless person who removed February swears they didn't accidentally rip of March too. We're considering hibernating for the whole month of March. Well, or forgetting any and all appointments and commitments.

~ Telling the children they can't use our toilet, despite the other 2 toilets being clogged. Are we the only family that always seems to have a clogged toilet?

~ And while we're on the subject of toilets. I can't stand that more often than not I have to wipe the toilet seat before I can sit on it.

~ Seeing your 6 year old get a straw and sip hot fudge sauce directly from the warm pan. Instead of correcting his behavior, I stop and stare at him and wonder why in the world I've never thought of doing this myself?!?

~ After being out of town for several days, being greeted first thing in the morning with a demand for clean underwear.

~ Excitedly announced to Mike and Megan the other day, that I paid a donation to my church and deposited a check into my bank account, all while sitting at the same office chair. I was so proud of my modern advances in technology when Megan announced, "That's why America is so fat." She realized how it sounded as soon as it came out, and quickly tried to explain herself further and apologize about any implications she may have inferred. In the meantime, despite us all having a good laugh around the table, I felt my initial excitement about my financial advances quickly wane.

~ Trying to reconcile the random comment from my 4 year old when he woke up and announced, "I thought I was sleeping in applesauce."

Sitting at the computer extending an upcoming trip and feeling a mix of sadness at missing my children for even longer, but quickly replaced that with feelings of excitement that I'll have a few extra days without anyone whining at me.

~ Making the mother-of-the-year decision to cook homemade waffles for breakfast on Fast Sunday instead of fasting. (Something we Mormons are encouraged to do each month. You can read about it HERE.) Feeling even worse about my decision when one child refused to eat the homemade syrup and instead insisted on going to see if we could borrow syrup from the neighbor. Thus spreading the news about our lack of faithful obedience.

~ Trying to remain sympathetic and not laugh while Drew describes his recent bout with diarrhea. "It was coming out so fast and I couldn't stop pooping."

Sometimes motherhood is dreamy and rewarding. More often than not it is real and ordinary.


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